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This was a tough one and I am really happy that we finally brought this product to the market.

After years of development with more than 30 iterations of durability-testing different shapes and coatings, the QR2 is ready. Fanatec pioneered the use of quick releases in sim racing equipment with the original ClubSport Wheel Base in 2011, and retaining compatibility across multiple generations of Wheel Bases and Steering Wheels has been a key part of the success of the company. It’s now time to move to a new connection, so it’s a significant milestone for our product range.

Why did it take so long?

On the face of it, a quick release is a simple device. However, motorsport-grade quick releases are normally manufactured in small quantities, and our demands for mass production are very different. It took a huge engineering effort to develop a design that could be made in three different ways: fully CNC milled from billet aluminium for the Pro, diecast aluminium for the regular, and carbon fibre reinforced composite for the Lite. The QR1 has been a core part of the ecosystem for more than a decade, and we didn’t want to rush the change to QR2 until we were completely happy with it.

Why should I upgrade?

The QR2 has absolutely zero play as the slanted design will avoid even the slightest gap. This means no more rattling sounds and more important: You feel all the fine force feedback and FullForce effects. Only with the QR2 you unleash the full potential of a Direct Drive wheel base.

QR2 is also a major improvement over the QR1 in terms of strength, stability, ease of use, and precision fit. QR2-equipped wheels can be attached to a Fanatec Wheel Base without touching the spring-loaded sleeve mechanism, making it quicker and easier to start racing. The new design also makes the electronic connection for data and power more secure.

Are my existing Fanatec products compatible?

Changing to a new QR system is tricky but we tried everything we could to make it as backwards compatible as possible so you can keep all the great steering wheels you already have.

If your Wheel Base and Steering Wheel have an exchangeable quick release, then you have full compatibility. Please check the information page for all the compatibility details.



Regular QR2 Wheel-Side:

EU: 99.95€

US: $99.95

Japan: ¥15,800

Australia: $169.90


QR2 Pro Wheel-Side:

EU: 199.95€

US: $199.95

Japan: ¥31,600

Australia: $339.90


QR2 Lite Wheel-Side:

EU: 59.95€

US: $59.95

Japan: ¥9,500

Australia: $99.90


QR2 Base-Side (Type-C):

EU: 69.95€

US: $69.95

Japan: ¥11,500

Australia: $119.90


QR2 Base-Side (Type-M):

EU: 149.95€

US: $149.95

Japan: ¥23,700

Australia: $249.90



The QR1 Wheel-Side is now available with a 50% discount for the standalone version and on some steering wheels it even comes for free as default.

We also added the QR2 Base-Side Type-M to our Podium Wheel Base DD1 and Podium Wheel Base DD2 without any price increase to ensure the future compatibility for our Podium customers.

We are thrilled to get the QR2 into your hands.

Let us know what you think.


QR2 is here!


  • Has it been brought to market? It seems a lot of people ordering but not many getting anything.

    Maybe you could work on your customer service and support next. Fanatec is getting absolutely trashed on these forums and on review websites due to the appalling customer support. I see some fanatec responses to those about wanting to improve customer service but i don't believe it. There has been ample opportunity over the years to do so and it has never improved, gone backwards if that is possible. Having systems in place to capture customer queries does not work if it is bots and automated and you cant actually get in contact with anyone.

    I myself am still waiting for a completely shipped" QR2 Pro bundle to actually ship, it has been a week and a half now and i am in a country where there are not shipping problems. I have read horror stories much worse than mine. Fanatec is causing there own name to be dragged through the mud, good luck trying to restore your companies image.

  • I think that absolutely none of tha above matters or means anything, since I've been trying to buy QR2 since it went live but only get the "error processing payment" message.

    So why talk about a product that your customers can't buy?

    That time would be better spent fixing your website.

  • It's embarrassing at this point.

  • Yay QR2 has launched, that's great and all but the real issue as has been said above is getting the product to customers. So many of us are not receiving them. Both of my packages for the QR2 bundle have been delivered to Hamburg today, not much point as I'm in the UK. UPS here seem to think it due to missing paperwork, customs related I assume.

    Someone needs to get on top of this asap and supply the customers with what they have paid for instead of us chasing customer support for answers, that for many people, takes ages to come or not at all. At this point I'm considering raising a dispute with my credit card company and getting my money back...

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    I am sorry that we have issues with our service at the moment but this topic is handled in the last post. The change of our logistic partner did not went smoothly but will sort it out and get the products to you. A lot of people already have received their QR2 already.

  • Paul HartlPaul Hartl Member
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    Hi Thomas, how about instigating some change at Fanatec with the communication? Have people actually available and not just automated responses. Making it difficult to contact someone directly for support and service in a reasonable time frame alienates the customer base.

    This could be the single biggest change that fanatec could implement to attract, retain and grow the customer base. We all know that the equipment is a quality product but in this day and age that is not enough anymore.

    Customers want to feel valued and that if there are problems with their orders, deliveries or equipment that it will be attended to in a timely fashion. I think that there are people here, including myself who are tied to the fanatec ecosystem but if we weren't we would look elsewhere now for our sim racing gear due to the quality of the service alone.

    There are many options out there now for sim racing gear and people will gravitate to one that provides a good all round service.

    Once something negative is posted online it is out in the wild for everyone to see. The amount of posts I have seen outside this forum recently criticising fanatec is quite concerning, especially for those that may be thinking of purchasing for the first time.

    I am in Auatralia where there are not changes to logistics but my order that was "completely shipped" 11 days ago still has not moved and stock of that item has been in stock and still is. For my item this does not seem like a logistics issue. Other people have ordered after me but received their items already.

  • Tone deaf! Your first post asked users to "let us know you what you think".

    I expect you were hoping for adoration to feed your ego. You could and should have read the room.

    Customers are tired of the "amateur hour" service that Fanatec deliver in every facet of operation, from the shitty forum software, the unreliable store page, the uncontactable support, the haphazard firmware development, the high failure rate of cheaper products, the failure to prioritise pre-orders over new orders, taking payment in full for items you don't have in stock...

    ...I could go on! It's a shambles and pre-dates your recent logistics change. That's just the latest excuse. You need to grasp the nettle and admit that Fanatec have serious issues in every operational area and meaningful improvement is required.

    If you can't see this then you are the problem and should consider handing over responsibility to someone who can visualise and implement a new, effective and scalable operating model. The current way of operating is no longer viable. If you don't get your house in order soon this could be terminal.

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    The company is growing at rapid speed like no other simracing company. Of course this brings problems and of course we are fully aware of it. To change operational processes in a running system is complicated and takes time.

    The change to a new logistic partner was made to improve but it caused problems in the short run. The new website, ERP system and basically all other systems are currently under construction and before things get better I am pretty sure some things will also go wrong.

    We certainly do not ignore issues or are not aware of it but all people we have are working hard and there have been massive improvements in the past. Just a few weeks ago our response time was below 24 hours and we will go back to that again.

  • Rumor has it, that the QR2 Lite is what held the whole process up. Looking at it, it appears that you are taking its design far more serious than the QR1 Lite. What sort of testing did the QR2L undergo, and if possible, what were the earlier designs? Good to see that the QR2 Lite is the same in terms of the overall design.

    And the QR2 Lite WS x2 + BS Bundle (Type C) is very tempting. I might have to take you up on that.

  • Thomas JackermeierThomas Jackermeier Member, Administrator

    The QR2 diecast version was the most challenging to develop. Producing a ultra precise and automotive grade component at an affordable cost was quite challenging. The QR2L did undergo the same testing as all other versions and it is on a complete different level than the QR1 Light.

  • My order has been back at the warehouse since the 2nd October due to a lack of export documents. I ordered on the 9th of September. I have asked for a cancellation and refund long ago, but as with seemingly everyone else, support has done nothing and has not even spoken to me once.

    I still want to order from you. The only reason I didn't request a re-send is because I decided that I want a different set of pedals and QR2. Fanatec's products seem to be the best fit for me. However, ordering from you feels like joining a lottery instead of a purchase. This makes me think I'll have to spend more money for less suitable gear from a different company, simply because I don't currently have the confidence in Fanatec to think I'll actually get what I ordered. Please give us a genuine signal that you will resolve the issues, specifically for those who have been waiting for over a month.

  • Hello,

    first of all many thanks for your great product presenation at the Sim Expo 2023! That was really impressive.

    Regarding QR2 I found this on your web site:

    Legacy Steering Wheels not compatible with QR2:

    • ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Black
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula Carbon
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel F1® Esports
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel BMW GT2
    • ClubSport Steering Wheel Porsche 918 RSR

    So as soon as I I've added the new QR2 Base-Side (Type-M) to my Podium F1 wheel base, I won't be able to use any of these wheels anymore, right? I'm asking because I onw 'quite a few' of them...!



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    Correct because those old wheels dont have an exchangeable QR and therefore can not be changed to QR2 Wheel-Side.

  • edited October 2023


    thanks for your reply! But technically I would assume it's possible, isn't it? Of course with much more effort (i.e. disassembling of the entire wheel).

    If it's not possible at all, a QR2 to QR1 adapter for these legacy wheels would be worth to think about.



  • There wont be an official solution for these old Legacy wheels.

    There are however unofficial solutions out there where you have to take a huge risk by completely taking apart the wheel etc. Also that solution is not cheap and it would be be easier to just sell these old wheels and replace them with newer ones.

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    Once agin, many thanks Maurice!

    Unfortunately the CSP Porsche 918 RSR for example is really 'a beauty' I don't want to sell.

    So my conclusion: QR2? I'm out.



  • Just an idea, as I would be in this boat.

    Could you do a bundle discount on the Connector + a regular + a lite?

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