CSL DD intermittent faint background vibrations / anyone get this, too?

Hi all,

CSL DD (5nm until I upgrade) user for 2 months here.

Since about a week I sometimes notice what could best be described as a buzz, a very faint continuous vibration in the wheel. By very faint I mean you can hardly notice it. It is however just strong enough to be annoying :) One of those things that one you did notice it you can't get it out of your mind :P

It's there when I don't race, so in idle but with the wheel connected. And it remains when I drive.

Odd thing is that it usually goes away after a while. But for the first 30 mins after switching on ther wheel I can definitely notice.

It's so faint that in race I may forget about it but when hotlapping and really focusssing on the signals from the wheel I definitely notice it, especially when on straight when there are no other signals. And it puts me off.

Again, it's very very slight, a continuous very faint "bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz" (in terms of feel, not noise) but it overlays all other feedback, so it doesn't stop when I drive over a curb and the wheel rattles.

It's not annoying enough for me to send the unit back, I'd rather live with it than not race for a month. Just wondering whether anyone else has this and if there may be an explanation :)




  • If you haven't already, try zeroing out any NDP, NFR, or NIN in the wheel settings and see if you can still feel it.

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    There's one more thing you could try. Turn on the CSL DD first and then the PC. Check if you don't feel it. It's something I often noticed when I had EMI problems, a kind of "current" under my hands when I gripped the steering wheel.

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    "Current" is a good description.

    Thanks guys, I'll try all of that.

    I just played a long night sesssion and had left the wheel on since lunchtime. Didn't feel any of that "current" or "buzz". Turning the wheel on before the PC may indeed what does the trick!



  • I don't think it's the solution, but just a test. It could be a small EMI input coming to the motor. In my case it happens when the power cable twists and forms a coil. I'm in the corner of the room, and once a week I unplug my cockpit and move it to clean it. When I reassemble it I have to be careful to unwind the power cable to prevent it from spinning. And this was truly decisive.

    Check how you routed the cables.

  • Ah, I get you, thanks for that!

    I have the wheel mounted to my desk. This means every time I play I move it from the side to the center of the desk.

    I usually wrap the cables around a couple of weights on my desk to keep them as straight as possible going into the back of the unit so as to not damage the connectors and slots in the back of the unit.

    I'll pay close attention to make sure they're stable without twists or curls and that the connectors sit snugly in the slots of the unit.

    Nice one, thanks for that!



  • More than anything, in my case, the vibration was caused by the power cord, from the power supply to the electrical outlet on the wall. It should not form a ring.

    I've had pretty much every type of EMI, even though my ground system seems up to code (meaning it's certified). On the wheelbase motor, on the handbrake, on the gearbox, on the button box.

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