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I've a question about this pedals, cause i couldn't find the answer on web. 

So, this pedals give u the road feeling with some sensor or all the job is loaded on force feedback? 

I watched a video on youtube about a streamer, that he got a fanatec pedals and he said that some sensor give that sensation about the swap of road (for example in F1 when u touch the border or when u go straight and meet the grass or the sand). 

Another question about it, the cables to connect the base and the pedals are included?

Ty so much guys 


  • Those types of pedals do not return any type of feedback.

    The much more expensive ClubSport pedals have a motor behind the pedals that generates feedback managed by telemetry.

  • I have a question. Is there a way to service my pedals My fuel pedal is beginning to surge without me even touching the pedal.It will jump to full, half, or just a burst of throttle. Is there a way to clean the contacts on the pedal??

  • Sounds like you have potentiometer based pedals. The potentiometer is an easily failing component. What you can do is clean the potentiometer by spraying a suitable cleaning spray inside the pot opening. You can use isopropyl alcohol, rubbing alcohol, electronics cleaner, or a special lubricating electronics cleaner for potentiometers (for example PRF 7-78). Do NOT put any oils in the pot!

    Unfortunately you might have to do this every now and then. Or you can replace the potentiometer with a suitable high quality one and expect a much longer service interval.

  • Hey guys, I have a Loadcell brake upgrade, since Monday it is just not responding I’ve made a video what happen in the driver software when changing brf. I cannot understand the problem and don’t think it is an issue of the pedal. Maybe someone had the same problem. Unfortunately I cannot post the video🤯

    Explanation: I played ACC on Monza doing a Race. Then driving down to turn one you brake full force release it a little bit an turn into the corner. But I just go straight because there was no „smooth braking“. Then I saw on the hud that it just recognise full force or nothing. Then after two minutes the brake went on it’s on full force. Yeah and now it is like that. No signal from brakes by pressing it. Driver are re installed and devices uninstalled via device manager. Using both cables separately is the same. I don’t understand this. Also I don’t know, why the ref light flashes when it comes to this full brf in the tuning menu.

    hopefully someone can help me. Thanks a lot!

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