Fanatec CSL DD with boost kit

Hi everyone,

I've been playing for a couple of years on my Thrustmaster TX, but recently felt the "need" to upgrade. Playing on Xbox made me start looking at Fanatec, and also Fanatec being a famous brand made me lean towards it.

Said and done, last week I got my Fanatec CSL DD with the boost kit (8nm) and the Mclaren GT3 V2 together with the V2 Elite pedals. Pedals feeling great.

Thing is; the wheel is leaving me kinda ... disappointed? Not disappointed disappointed but I'm not feeling it be such a major upgrade from the TX. It doesn't feel that strong. The FF in games I play (F1 23, Dirt Rally 2.0, Forza Horizon 5, Forza Motorsport) isn't that strong, and I feel like OK so I bought this setup for like 1000 euros and I feel kinda sad using it.

Everything seems to be working fine, I have no fear of it being broken, i think at least. When i load the Fanatec setup program on my PC and test the FF it's strong enough.

Why am I getting robbed out of FF in various games? Is it all about setting it up correctly? Feels like i'm going back to basic, can't even finish a rally course kinda feels like it. Im crap again.

This post might be a bit confusing hehe but I'm just trying to understand all the gears... and would love to hear some input from others maybe upgrading from Thrustmaster TX to the same setup? On Xbox as well...

cheers guys


  • Might be worth to mention, I got the QR 1 lite - is that a concern? Should I get the QR 2 (not the lite).

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited October 2023

    robbed out of FF in various games.

    well, thing is, some developers not even bother learn directx and ffb, so they use other people crap. so yes you may get disappointed at some game titles

    now if talk about consoles then its not first time that people complain that at there is ffb weaker than in pc self

    this is nothing todo with fanatec self because they not develop the games

  • Thank you for your reply, I've just noticed I even might have a problem with a faulty DD ... when I turn it on, the calibration looks like this:

    But I think it's supposed to look like this:

  • My DD Pro calibrates exactly the same as yours, it's been the same since day one and works perfectly. Nothing to worry about.

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited October 2023

    you to may need also look if you FFB setup is Peak mode, because linear is only 6Nm

    tx self is rated at 4nm so not big difference if you happen use the linear 6nm

  • the main difference when you Join to DD world from belt drive, are this clean info feedback from steering wheel, belt drive can give you this stupid cog/ratchet info instead

    but if you want also very strong NM feeling then you need jump right away high end product like DD2

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