Elite v2 not detected in game

I just received the Mclaren gt3/ csl Elite v2 and downloaded f1 23 . After installing the drivers the wheel and pedals working normal but once I tried to play F1 23 I can not assign the accelerator and brake to my pedals. When I try all it does is assign ‘X’ as my accelerator and ‘Y’ as my brake. 

the driver is up to date (version 451)

I have only yhe j45 cable plugged into the wheel base. 

can someone please help me with this issue as I just spent a lot of money trying to play this game but with no success. 

your help is greatly appreciate


  • I have just received my gt dd pro but nothing is happening in my csl pedal. 

    I've updated everything but the connection still isn't working... 

    If anyone has had this same problem and has a solution, I'd be happy to hear about it. 


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