Steering lock in wrong position, have posted 3 times and have never gotten an official answer

I use a CSL DD on xbox, the steering lock is no where close to the correct position. Doesnt matter what game, however i mostly play f1 and the wheel locks about 360 degrees out of position. For example in game i have it set at 300 and my wheel on auto, but i do not get steering lock at 300 degrees on the wheel but in game the animation is correct. This was not an issue until i update to 451, please this has been an issue for months and have had no answers. Does anyone else have this issue?


  • If you set same on wheel as in game does it behave correctly? or you can downgrade driver back one or 2?

  • Setting both wheel SEN and game the same doesnt help, actually makes it worse. I would downgrade but am not sure exactly how and i feel like everything was smoother after i update to driver 451 except no steering lock. It doesn’t necessarily affect the driving it is just extremely weird when u feel no lock at full rotation. I also would just like to see if anyone else is experiencing this or if someone from fanatec will acknowledge it as a known issue. I know the ladder is a tough ask

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