V3 Brake/ Cylinder - spare part possible?

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it seems that in my old rusty V3 the brake has broken. The red cylinder with which you adjust the brake strength seems to be loose, moves up and down for 1 or 2 cm. And the rumble motor is also off.

Is it possible to order only a new cylinder/pedal? And a screw set ;) And where would i do that?



  • have you tried to disassemble the brake and see what the problem is? do you have any picture?

  • hi, thx for your question. i had the feeling during racing that suddenly the brake got stiffer so i took everything apart. its a bit work as i have everything screwed on a wooden platform. will do a video the next days. what you will see on the video is the red cylinder has >1 cm clearance (is that the right term?), it is a bit loose even when screwed completely in. clickclack. i don't think thats original ;).

  • hm, fixed. Temporary. Seems like the cylinder was under the lowest preload position and loose, turned it a lot harder and with the damper it seems to be good again

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