Loss of half of my FFB

So I’m currently in the process with Fanatec to fix my DD Pro 8nm. I’ve loss half of the ffb and have gone through all the reset steps including making sure all USB’s are set correctly even the column. I’ve tested my voltage and the power supply is working properly. I’ve got the McLaren rim V2 and CSL LC pedals. I’ve tried it on multiple games and the feedback is the same on all. I mostly play iRacing. I’ve got the latest drivers but I haven’t tried to go back yet. That I’ll do tonight after work. If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful.


  • I encountered exactly the same situation in August. I couldn't find any solution to solve the problem myself, so I went back to Fanatec and the main PCB was changed, which solved the problem for a while, but since the beginning of this week the problem has reappeared, although I must have had barely 20 hours of use since the repair. ....

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