CSL DD 8nm- suddenly stopped being recognized by PC

Hello all,

I've had my CSL DD (8nm version) for a little over a year and a half now and it's worked excellent, zero issues. I logged on today to race and iRacing was not detecting my wheel. This led me to discovering that my PC wasn't detecting it as a device in general. It powers on what seems to be fine, calibrates like normal, but it's never being detected by my PC. I've tried what I think is almost everything- trying a new USB port, fully restarting everything, uninstalling and reinstalling drivers, reinstalling and repairing, etc with no luck. The USB cord seems to be fine physically and is plugged in fine on both ends.

Any help is appreciated- I submitted a support ticket but know they can be a little slow and just want to get back on the track. Thanks in advance.

System: Windows 10 64bit

Fanatec PC Drivers 451


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