Podium Hub with QR2

I have upgraded to qr2. I'm happy with that because my QR1 got stuck a long time ago. Two weeks were nearly impossible to exchange. Until one of them got stuck permanently

The helpdesk didn't help me, I was on the verge of moving to Asetec. The reinvestment stops me still from doing that.

With qr 2 it makes sense again to create another wheel. However. It looks like the podium hub still has the QR1 wheel side quick-release. (Looks like) I have to buy a podium hub while I can't use the QR and thus have to buy a new wheel-side QR.

Is it possible to buy the podium hub with QR2 attached?


  • As a QR never comes pre-attached but separately since some years you can buy the Podium Hub and choose the QR2 during checkout.

  • Hello,

    please excuse my english, but this answer helps nobody.

    I think you know exactly what the problem is.

    The old prize for the Podium Hub core with the QR1 was roundabout 200.- Euro.

    The new prize for the Podium Hub core with the the reduced prize for QR1 was roundabout 150.- Euros.

    Now the Podium Hub core with QR2 costs roundabout 250.- Euro. This calculation is wrong, or Fanatec makes a hidden prize increase from 50.- Euro.

    I think you understand that question. He (and much more other customers) wants the Podium Hub core with the QR2 for the logical correct prize at roundabout 200.- Euros WITHOUT the QR1 inclusive.

    Many regards Michael

  • Fanatec has increased the price.

    QR1 costs €50, but in the bundle it is free. What you pay €150 is just the Podium Hub.

    In 2 years they will discontinue QR1, and the price will remain the same (or increase further), but with no more free QR1.

  • Okay, I see.

    It is quite a creative way of thinking. Are you saying that I could have bought the Podium hub without QR? Would that make sense? You are entitled to raise the price. The quality of the new QR is good, the previous one was terrible. You are entitled to do anything.

    BTW my assumption that I had to buy QR1 first was wrong. That is a good thing. Your answer is not. If you additionally would have said something like the production costs of QR2 are very high. We had to calculate this in the price I would have accepted that. Now it feels like you are trying to hide that you have raised the price.

    You will lose and lost customers because of the attitude of the company and the helpdesk. My QR was broken and messages to the helpdesk weren't even answered. I also had a problem with the podium button box. That happened because the wheel got stuck on the broken QR. I had to use a lot of force and somehow I managed to get my finger behind the connecting cable of the button box. The cable broke. I asked whether I could buy the cable. I would have accepted if the answer was." No, we don't do that, maybe with some explanation" . I wrote a message at least three times. I got a single answer from the public helpdesk. I was approaching the wrong department. I had to send a message to the technical department. So I did. However. No answer at all from their side.

    I don't like that you present products at expo's that were not released for a couple of years. And when they are released. They are never available. It feels like a conscious commercial action. It is all these little things.

    Maybe you don't care or see me as a difficult customer. Fanatec will survive without me. I miss the love and attention of a company. Take Heusinkveld as an example. If they are developing a product they communicate in an honest way about it. If things do not work they send updates or post them on the website. If there is a problem. They help immediately.

    I am not sure whether you understand or are willing to recognize what I am trying to say. .. At least I know what I want.


    Kind regards, Paul Dohmen

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