Tastenbelegung McLaren GT3

Ich habe das McLaren GT3 Lenkrad gekauft und möchte gern die Tasten auf mein Wunsch belegen.

Ist es überhaupt möglich?Habe niergends Tipps gefunden.

Spiele Hauptsächlich Gran Turismo auf PS5



  • Stephen JayStephen Jay Member
    edited October 25

    The button mapping in GT7 is poor, you can't use the rotary encoders but luckily the toggle switches on the wheel work the MFD by default. Alternatively you could map it to the D pad. Also with the wheel switch on position D (analogue axis) you can use those paddles to look left/right. Can't remember how I set them but it works.

    ACC button mapping however is excellent.

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