Hi there recieved my BMW M4 GT3 wheel today and its not working. i have QR2 so i fit the QR2 to it straight away. put it on my dd2 and it says it needs a firmware update. says firmware 0 requires firmware 8. i tried using it without firmware update however no buttons etc work nothing works with fanalabs. i followed the proccedure for firmware update so fit the wheel to the dd2. clicked firmware update. told to remove the wheel and fit the USB firmware cable. removed QR2 fit QR1. fit update cable. pressed right rear button while plugging into computer. computer comes up with device is unrecognizable and no firmware update occures. please help its not a cheap wheel and this is a super let down


  • tried another pc to confirm its not the pc also not working. sooooo disapointed 2300 dollar wheel doesnt work out the box.

  • I could be wrong, but it's my understanding that "Firmware 0" usually indicates some sort of hardware failure. I wish you the best of luck trying to contact Fanatec support to get this sorted out.

  • I kind of have that feeling to I'm not impressed at all it's not a cheap wheel by any means. The fact that when it goes into firmware update mode windows sees it as a malfunctioning device makes me think there is a problem with it. I'm at my ends with fanatec I wonder how long I'll be waiting for a response from support and how long it'll take to resolve. I guess quality control is optional because you would think the top tier wheel they sell would get quality tested before being sold but certainly looks like it doesn't

  • I had the firmware 0 issue on mine, contacted fanatec, was a pretty efficient process to have it sent back and repaired

  • Hi thanks for the response mate been over a week since I contacted support. They Msg me 2 days ago asking for a video of the fault. I asked what they would like a video of seen as I explained everything. They didn't reply so I just uploaded videos of all the concerns and spoke during the recording to explain it all. Still no reply so disappointed at this stage not a cheap wheel and the support has been terrible gonna end up being a month by the time I find out what to do and if I have to send it back for me living in Perth it'll be a 2 week turn around in post alone. At this point I'm contemplating selling my entire fanatec eco system and moving to simucube.

  • ended up sending the wheel back and waiting for a refund. ended up getting a different brand wheel . was very disappointing as clearly there was no quality control anyways its all done now anyways.

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