wheel not recognized after 8nm upgrade

 I am new . I received my 8nm power supply hooked it up and same problem as above my wheel and motor are not recognized. I also have tried all I know completely uninstalled everything associated with fanantec and reinstalled driver 451 and still nothing. This very disheartening makes me want to post it all on ebay and buy moza. what how reseat wheel collar and why would that have to be done when I never touched that. Thank you really frustrated


  • first off you make sure that power button is a red mode

  • is it an original boost kit from Fanatec?

  • the power supply makes no difference in the software, it is just 1 more pin with 24volt on it. you can get 8nm out of the 5nm power supply buy modifying the connector. so you probably zapped something like the motor controller rom with static electricity.

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