Drivehub and DD1 setup!

Anyone using the Fanatec podium Dd1 on consoles with drivehub??

I have some doubts to clear up:

I use the dd1 Xbox/PC with drivehub on Ps5.

Given that I feel great but I would like to understand:

1) Is it normal for the PS5 to see the Fanatec DD1 as "Logitech G29"?

As such, in Gt7 I set it to 900 degrees.... ?

2) I have ACC on both Xbox

Clearly on Xbox I can use the Fanatec in native mode (Xbox)

While when I use it on Ps5 I put "PC" mode

Paradoxically I notice that on Ps5 in PC mode it works better than on native Xbox!!!

How is it possible ! ?

I notice that in PC mode there is the spring effect voice which in Xbox mode there is not and I actually have more beautiful and real feedback. ,.

So is it normal for PC mode to have more settings?


  • Same problem. I'm using...

    Base: DD1

    Wheel: ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2.5 X with APM

    Console: PS5 with drive hub Collective Minds

    Game: F1 23 & 22

    Option/Settings/Control, Vibration & Force Feedback/Custom appear a message "Required Logitech G29", its no big deal for me... but the main problem is I cant use some buttons 7 and 14 neither 20 and 21... neither 11 & 12... same problem with dual clutch of the APM (Podium Advanced Paddle Module).

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