ClubSport DD QR1 Type F

It is mentioned in the ClubSport DD product page, however I don't see it posted anywhere. I have mostly non upgradable QR1 wheels so I would like to place this on preorder


  • I think they announced that they will be making a QR1 base side that can replace the QR2 on the CSDD but has yet to released or available for pre-order as of yet.

  • GAAAH I didn't see this...

    There will be a QR1 adapter available later this year for full backwards compatibility.

    Guess I'll be breaking in the CSDD with my handful of QR2 wheels

  • Will @ Boosted Media has a sample of the QR1 Type F on YouTube. About what I imagined it to be.

  • Is there an eta on the qr1 type f?

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