Universal Hub v2 + QR2: Wheel Not detected After 2 hours of Play

I just received my full CSL DD 8nm with CSL ELite pedals, CSL Shifter, Qr2 Base + Wheel side and the Universal hub v2.

I set everything up (installed firmware 451 from Fanatecs site) and everything worked perfectly. Played Forza for 2 hours, and in the middle of playing the Universal Hub loses all force feedback, and the DD base turns off. Now fanatec control panel doesnt recognize ANY of my products.

Using this forum, I see there's firmware 452 and I install it, and everything starts getting detected, EXCEPT the Universal Hub v2/Wheel.

I sent in a support ticket, but how does the wheel stop working after only 2 hours of play? I waited nearly a month for this order (mainly to get the QR2).


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