New to Fanatec

Coming from Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T248, with a budget of $650, any suggestion for my first Fanatec purchase?😎. Are there any Black Friday deals arriving that I could take advantage of???


  • Youre need to give a bit more info if you want some help.

    What to you intent to race?

    Do you want just the wheelbase and wheel(s), or pedals as well? H-pattern shifter? Handbrake?

    What platform(s)? If its PS4/5 then theres only one wheelbase for you - the GT dd Pro (that does pc/ps, and xbox with a xbox compatible wheel)

    For pc/xbox, the csl dd will be fine (the only difference between the CSL DD and GT pro is the PS chip)

    As for black friday - no one knows. There is a blogpost somewhere that outlines what might go on offer - but dont expect everything to be on sale, esp the GT pro.

    to be fair, the Ready to race bundle is already pretty decent value - but if you want to wait a couple of week to see if theres a discount on what you want - thats up to you

  • Thank you for your comment,

    I am on PC only with Assetto Corsa, Forza Motorsport, RF2, and maybe WRC.

    I am looking for a bundle with pedals as well, my concern is maybe the pedals included in bundles are weak, and need to upgrade these, but not sure.

    In the past, I have mostly been racing for best lap times, but online races have now got my attention.

    Thanks, Tom

  • The Ready2Race combos are something to take a look at. The wheel rim is personal preference but I would strongly suggest getting pedals that either include the load cell brake or purchase it as an add on. The direct drive of 5Nm vs 8Nm I would say comes down to budget.

    This would be my suggestion for your price point.

    CSL DD Ready2Race Bundle for PC (8Nm) $499

    CSL Load Cell Kit $139

  • Thanks, David. Your suggestion is just build for my budget. Tom

  • And you are correct in waiting for Black Friday within the next couple of weeks as there is more than likely going to be some deals considering new releases may make some of the older content even more attractive.

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