Running DD2 with GSI Hyper P1 Wheel

Just installed a QR2 and a new Gomez Sim Industries (GSI) Hyper P1 wheel. With my trusty ClubSport V2.5 wheel, it was easy to start up the wheelbase with the torque key installed, press a button and high torque mode was enabled. But with the new wheel, I can't figure out how to do this. Anybody have any guidance they can share?

Is there a way to do this directly with Fanatec controller SW?


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    After base startup and with the low torque message in your screen rotate your steering wheel 90 degrees and a progress bar will decrease on the screen of your DD1 or DD2... it's as simple as that and it works every time when i use a non Fanatec steering wheel ;)

  • Thanks! That solved it!... Much better in full torque mode.

  • I will get my Hyper P1 on this Saturday. How did you connected it? Active USB, directly on your PC or with just an USB extension cable?

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