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I dont know is this discussionbeen here but anyways :)

If you dont have tracking number just e-mail to UPS and ask tracking number. Reference for UPS is your Fanatec order number (found in Invoice) and destonaition postcode.

I got answer from UPS in 3min. with tracking numbers. Unfortunately i discovered this too late and my order was sent back to Fanatec Hamburg.

Of course you can track in UPS homepage also only with order number and destonation country, but with tracking numbers you will get more details.

Due the fact that Fanatec had provided faulty address (one number missing) and no phone number, UPS did not know how to contact me and i did received my order. I discoverd this in 01.11 but 31.10 UPS aready sent them back :(

As this order will be birthday present for my son i really need them on time!

Now i will wait how fast can Fanatec resend me this order. Goods will arrive back to Fanatec in 7-8nov. And if it takes too long i just have to cancel my order and get refund.


Actual delivery time from Fanatec was not too bad 8 days (18.10-26.10).....if only they had provided for UPS correct data :(

And also this UPS....i have account in their system over 10years now. With all my data, phone numbers, addresses and telephone. I asked them why they did put my name in their system and just looked me up?! Gilr in telephone did not have any answers. But what to expect when dealing again with another big bureaucratic companie. At least they answer phones and reply to e-mails.


  • Worth noting for anyone else reading this, while you can't get the full tracking number you can see some basic tracking if your shipment is indeed on the UPS system by using the UPS tracking page and choosing 'Track by Reference Number':

    If you get nothing back from that, it's most likely that Fanatec has not yet even printed a label for your shipment to be dispatched with UPS, and therefore UPS don't know about it yet. If it is, you'll see something like this:

  • Incredibly helpful. Great to see after 2 weeks mine is 'ready for ups', but not heard a thing from Fanatec. Guessing it's pending being returned to sender as others have mentioned.

  • Peeter LehtsePeeter Lehtse Member
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    Send UPS your order number and ask also tracking numbers. You can even send them these xxxxxxxxxxxxx1234 numbers (these 4 last numbers are actually you tracing number endings).

    Then you can track in detail what is going on with your order.

    As i orered 5 items from fanatec i got 5 tracking numbers : Germany - destination country

    And if your order was sent back to Germany you should ask new tracking numbers: destination country - Germany

    Hope this helps everybody else out there to not have same unfortunal event like i had!

  • I've emailed UPS, but no reply yet.

  • Use the Live Chat function, they will check for you whilst you are on to them.

  • Just tried, the exact response, despite being able to find the parcel myself without a tracking number (which gives limited info):

    "I'm afraid due to our Private Customer Information Policy I am not allowed to disclose the tracking number"

  • This is an order from 19th October. 1/4 things sent, which was only sent from the warehouse today. The rest are still awaiting getting to UPS. Haven't even had to deal with the customs issues, or VAT payment yet...

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    Ive had the same, order 20th. Hopefully full reference will appear in Fanatec account.

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