QR 2 (Type M) and two discontinued wheels

Dear Reiza,

I am interested in upgrading to QR2 in the future. I am using a DD1 with a F1 Black and Brown Porsche RSR 929 Wheel. Both are discontinued a long time ago.

I was wondering if these two are compatible with the QR. I couldn't find them on the list on the store page, but I see the BMW steering wheel etc are compatible, and these are quite old too. I hope to find the information I am looking for because QR2 would be a good investment for the future as well.

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    The Formula Black (or Carbon) and Porsche 918 RSR (I also have them both) have non-upgradable QR.

    One option is to get a adapter from Sim Racing Machines to be able to bolt the QR2 to. It's not easy, they must be disassembled because the QR bolts are INSIDE the wheel.

    The BMW wheel you are looking at is a V2 (version 2) that IS QR2 upgradable. The older BMW (V1) is the same as your wheels, only upgradable with the fore mentioned SRM adapter.

  • Thank you so very much. It means I am just unlucky. I guess I just keep the current QR as they are. In the future I might sell them as a whole package. Hoped to upgrade to QR2 to make them more recent. At last I've still fun with my setup and it's still going well.

  • @jack pick

    I could also potentially sell my two rims, buy two new rims with QR2, and the QR2 base. Maybe cheaper that way.

  • I got the Formula Carbon, BMW M2 GT3, and the Porsche 918 RSR, plus six Universal Hub v1's (ALL NON UP-GRADABLE), I could NEVER sell the 918 wheel, the replacement V2 capable is a generic non branded RS. So I ordered a CS DD and will be able to switch between QR1 and QR2 relatively quickly via four bolts on the CS DD.

    I also have a Podium DD1 that I got a QR2 base side, will NEVER go back with the cumbersome QR1 on it and will use exclusively for QR2 wheels.

    Guess it depends on what you want.

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