Podium Hub Cannot RemoveQR1!!! Update to QR2

I have been disassembling my Podium Hub to change it over from QR1 to QR2. I removed the 6 screws, But the QR1 Will Not Budge!

I can't seem to get anything between the Hub and QR1.

I really don't want to break it, but I need to update it to QR2.

Any Suggestions?


  • Quick rap with a rubber mallet. Being careful and all that good stuff. If you are not comfortable, enlist the help of a responsible adult :-)

  • LOL OK TY. I got it! That was terrifying. I was trying to do anything but hit the thing. But everything seems to still work.

    I ended up enlisting the help of a vice instead of an adult. Cushioned it with some wood and tapped the QR1 on both sides with a rubber mallet until i had a gap big enough to get a flat head in there to finish the job.

    Seems to get stuck on the inside central shaft and the inset of the brass hub itself.

    Here's to hoping that's the last time i ever change that out.

  • If anyone else gets this. Just undo the bolts holding the QR pin plug a little and then it should allow the QR to come off. The QR gets stuck on the plastic of the pin plug.

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