How to buy a Universal Hub V2 without a QR ?

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I need a new Universal Hub V2 but It will not let me order one without buying a QR, I have 5 QR2 that arrived today, I do not need to spend $100 to get another one. Why can't I buy a Universal Hub V2 without buying a QR2 that I already have?????


  • You can. It will come with a QR1 by default. The QR1 is no cost ($0.00).

    Sell the QR1 when you get the hub and you can reduce the cost of the hub a few dollars over the retail price you bought it for.

  • The problem is that the QR1 is sold out and Fanatec does not allow you to complete the purchase without indicating a QR option. So they won't ship any type of steering wheel unless you choose a paid QR2 option.

  • This is why I posted the question! You would think that Fanatec would give you the option to buy without a QR option at this point...

  • By tapping the "+" to add the QR1 wheel-side, I get the following screen:

    Selecting Proceed to Checkout does work. Whether or not the purchase will actually go through, and if it does, how your order may be affected by the inclusion of a "sold out" item, I have no idea.

  • That doesn't work. It will state your basket contains sold out items and you need to adapt the basket which is not possible to be able to order.

    Only way currently is wait till QR1 is back in stock or pay 50 euro to much and buy it with a QR2.

  • The order will not continue without a valid QR selection. I understand the company will make more money charging you for something you do not need...but it is not a good business practice if they want the consumer to remain a customer.

  • Same problem. Can't order a single steering wheel because there's neither qr1 nor qr1 lite. I don't want the qr2. I need the cheap one, which is theoritically free with the csl wheels. Apparently now it's not, because it's not available. I should rather pay an extra 150$ just so I can use a freaking wheel! WTF??

  • Okay Fanatec.

    Nice post about having 8000 tickets. But this is just plain silly, another 1000 tickets on the rise on steering wheel purchases.

    Surely someone can anticipate this stuff in a QR2 pre-launch meeting?

  • Guys, I don't want to defend Fanatec because as a company it is indefensible, but it is normal in Simracing for products to be out of stock. In reality it is normal in any field of commerce. Now it's exaggerated, when a product is out of stock, you just have to wait.

    In the meantime, if Fanatec's sales drop it can only be a good thing for their internal logistics problems.

  • I finally ordered the Hub V2 with the free QR1, but now what do I do with original point is that they need to offer it without a QR at all.

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