• dd2 broken shaft i hope i can get it repaired

  • How on earth?!

  • Probably had some microscopic defects in the casting/machining of the shaft during production.

    I have never seen any DD wheel base shaft fail like that.

    Is your DD2 still under warranty?

    The whole unit will need to be replaced, cannot just replace the shaft (at least from a consumer standpoint).

    That is a bummer.

  • You must be strong as a ox, fighting that 25Nm of torque 😀

    Less us know what happens with Fanatec.

  • QR1 or QR2?


  • Looking closer at the pics you posted........

    I see the clamp ring gaps do not appear to be lined up with the slots in the shaft like it is supposed to be.

    Was this like this when the shaft broke?

    If so, that could be the reason the shaft failed.........

  • Good eye Jon,

    Looks like the gaps and slots are misaligned by about 45 degrees. Don't think the clamp can rotate if too loose, but the QR could rotate inside the motor shaft.

    I have a DD1 and always line up the two but just snugged the bolts by hand. Makes me want to measure that the clamp gaps are the same and use my torque wrench.

  • My guess is that the base was dropped - a misaligned collar is unlikely to lead to catastrophic failure.

  • Whatever the true reason for the failure, I have never seen or heard of any DD base snapping the motor shaft like this before.........

    @Gagaryn - Good call. Dropping the base on the shaft end could definitely do that.

  • I suppose a picture of the end of the QR would reveal impact damage if it were dropped

  • up date from fanatec told me to contact digital motor sport where i bought it

    Dear Thomas,

    Thanks for reaching out to us. Please get in touch with your reseller (Digital Motorsports) in order to get support for the affected product.

    Best regards / Freundliche Grüße


    (Fanatec Support Team)


    Hi Thomas, Digital Motorsports is closing down and no longer supporting Fanatec warranty claims, you will need to talk to fanatec directly. Please see your invoice attached.



    no further forward i just want it fixed

  • You are a bit further forward - you now have the invoice so you should be able to register the product to your Fanatec account.

    Are you claiming for repair under warranty, i.e. you believe the product was faulty and should not have broken, or are you looking to pay for a repair due to "an unfortunate event"?

  • eventually i have a rma not sure if i should send everything ie power brick stop button torque key back or just dd2 base

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