Just got my CSL V2 pedals

And they are so hard to press down to even get to 80% braking I have to use all of my body weight. Do I need to take stuff off the hardware or tune in the setup control panel on a PC? Coming from a Logitech it’s very different I know, but I need to be able to apply enough force to slow down in F123 I just keep going straight through corners.


  • You're not measuring a distance with those pedals. You're measuring pressure. So push until you get to the high pressure. Then modulate the pressure.

    If you're in game put ABS on. Then adjust the Break Force sensitivity in the Fantec software to accommodate. Modulate around the ABS point and you'll start to understand it.

    Also. Some games will show you your brake input while driving so watch that meter and how it grows compared to the pressure you apply.

  • the first thing you could do is read the manual, it explains a lot, including how you can adjust the braking force

  • Search ESTY:

    Fanatec Pedals CSL Elite v2 Loadcell Tuning Upgrade Set Elastomer Kit - LC Brake Mod

    Order the "Semi soft" degree of hardness.

    I being a old fart need more pedal movement and at lower forces to modulate while heal and toeing.

    When I first got these pedal I nearly sent them back, then I used the springs from my Thrustmaster T-LCM pedals till the Esty Mod came.

  • I was in the same boat... superb pedals overall, just the brake stack was WAAAAAY too hard for me (at it's softest setting from the factory).

    Don't know whether this is useful but I found this article on the forum, sourced all the parts and will be fitting it later today...

    Hybrid Fanatec Elite V2 Pedal Mod with Larger Heusinkveld Elastomers — Fanatec Forum

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