Why I can't order a single steering wheel without the qr1?

I'd like to order my first fanatec setup, the csl dd ready2race bundle. The emphasize it, I WOULD LIKE TO SPEND MY MONEY AT THIS COMPANY. Although, i want to, I can't. Since the qr1 lite and the qr1 is also out of stock, i can't place the order, only if I pay an extra $150 for the qr2 system, which i don't want to! I want the qr1 lite so I can have my first fanatec setup! But how can i get it if can't even buy it? I will buy the qr1 second hand, just send me the steering wheel! WTF?? Fanatec should really fill their stock up with qr1 and qr1 lite because people who just want to enter the world of fanatec currenty can't, and if they continue treating their potential customers this way, they will lose even the acquired ones as well!! Get your sh*t together fanatec because you are shooting yourself in the leg!!!!

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