F1 23 FF Disconnection

Sometimes, between races the forcefeedback disconnects, the wheel works, I can steer, but no force, i have to reboot the base, anyone knows what happen?


  • I have the same problem. I had f23 for Some days now. The ffb Some times is totally gone. I have a dd pro 8nm with firmware 452 in other games no problems at all is there a fix

  • I've found that if I am running a standard controller for my headset, and I use that controller to turn the Xbox on, and then that controller times out and turns off - My Fanatec gear will lose FFB and revert to the standard settings (which are terrible) even mid race.

    Not sure if that's similar to what you've seen or not. Since I make sure to keep the 2ndary controller "active", I've had no issues.

  • I've encountered a new minor issue where sometimes when coming out of "Pit Assist" or "Safety Car broadcast" modes and regaining control - the FFB settings are all messed up for a corner or two before 'waking up' and reverting to what they should be.

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