Best guess about when UK shipping will return to normal?

Made two orders, 3 days apart, on 9th October and 12th October.

First order came (CSL DD, Mclaren GT3 wheel, CSL load cell pedals, QR2 base/wheel, and table clamp) and was delivered late October.

2nd order is taking a lot longer to arrive (WRC wheel, shifter, shifter clamp and QR2 wheelside) having only got the tracking number yesterday so likely to be 2/3 weeks away from delivery still.

That's the background info, now to my question. should i place a new order (8NM boost kit, handbrake, and another table clamp, as prefer to mount seperately and not bolt on to gearshifter). or should i wait till later in the month or even after Xmas when hopefully delivery times are a lot better.

i'm caught in two minds. I honestly don't mind waiting for stuff (as long as i know its coming and isn't lost) but i'm wondering whether now is the right time to order as its getting close to Xmas.

Also wondering whether there is likely to be any black friday deals later in the month?


  • I hope it's back to normal soon. I placed an order last Thursday before learning about the delivery and support shitshow.

    I've just got to wait and see what happens.

  • Seems to be getting there to be honest. At least my order has dispatched and I've managed to payment customs fees (UPS have charged me 3 times but that's another story).

  • No it's not getting close to normal,

    I'm in the UK, I ordered on the 19th of October and I'm still waiting.

    100% would not of ordered if I had read online reviews about Fanatec. Absolute shower of incompetent uncaring individuals. Absolutely any other provider of sim hardware would of been a better option.

  • I think this is the new normal

  • 30th August here, still waiting. It's a lottery mate - some dude ordered in Saturday night and got it Wednesday. WEDNESDAY. Typically it's haking about 3/4/5 weeks for new orders

    If anything at all goes wrong though, you're in for a loooooooong wait.

  • want to say this first, and in no way shape or form am i exscusing Fanatecs shoddy business practices but they do produce one hell of a product.

    It's actually pretty ironic how i came to buy my CSL DD, i actually purchased the Cammus C5 wheel a few weeks prior to that. It was delivered quite quickly from China too, think it took 9 days. Thing is the wheel broke after 5 days because its really cheap so i had to send it back.

    Now i'm having the oppositie experience, a brilliant product e.g new fanatec stuff but i had to wait a lot longer for my products.

    If given a choice, each time i'd choose a great product with slower delivery times.

    I believe fanatec will eventually fix their issues so its not something i'm worried about, and yes it is annoying, believe me, i've sent a few chase emails myself, but if getting a product a few weeks or even a couple months late is the worst thing to happen to you this year, count yourself lucky.

    But yeah, hurry up and fix the issues Fanatec, for your sake more than mine, a lot of people are pissed so i'd suggest you offer some pretty good black friday deals to make up for it.

  • Issue is that Fanatec have some seriously good competition these days,

    Moza is a prime example. So shoddy customer care just won't cut it these days.

  • Got a tracking number already and an alleged delivery date of the 14th - I don't want to jinx it, but not bad at all.

  • Ordered on the 20th October. The whole lot (5 packages) rejected by UPS and returned to Fanatec due to 'incomplete clearance information' and now nothing. If you email you get the standard 'we will try to get back to you in two weeks'. Chat is turned off, the phone hotline is also turned off. They have cut themselves off from any direct contact or response.

    Maddening and unacceptable.

    If I'd seen these issues before ordering there is zero chance I'd have bought from them.

    First time buying (trying to buy!) kit like this and it just feels like I've been scammed to be honest.

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