Clubsport DD - Delayed Shipping

I guess I'm not the only one waiting for the Clubsport DD to be shipped. After reading the current e-mail about the delay to Nov 14th, I wasn't surprised but started to get annoyed... Hopefully the shipping is going to start as promised.

Maybe you can share, when you receive updates on your shipping or when your Clubsport DD has arrived and in which country you live in.

Cheers & happy waiting


  • I am in the UK, pre-ordered on the 18th October. On the 6th November i got an email saying my order is delayed to the 14th.

    My order is for a CS DD, CS V3 Pedals, CS Shifter, CS Formula Wheel, CS RS Wheel and 2 QR2 Wheel Slides (that were also on pre-order). Will let you know if i get any further updates.

    And yes i share your feelings. Getting very annoyed as it was one day before it was supposed to be shipped that i got told it was delayed. There's me hoping im one of the few lucky ones that gets their stuff early so refreshing my order every hour to see if there is an update. My patience is running thin.

  • Disappointing that being a loyal customer of 2 complete kits over 10 years to have a availability date then the rug pulled from under your feet one day prior to scheduled shipment is a bit galling to say the least. How is it possible to have zero product to ship anywhere in the world?

    If this debacle isn't enough for Thomas to be on a plane to put a boot in someone's keister especially after the DD1 and DD2 delays I don't know what is.

  • Any update on order: 1779567?

    or about the progress of shipments to England?

  • I think that CS DD was delayed because they are waiting for the 453 drivers to add support for CS DD.

  • Looks like some people are reporting that their availability date on their orders is now Nov 28.

  • Our supply chain provider just informed us that the shipment with your unit was delayed once again. The current estimated delivery date to our warehouse is now November 28th, 2023.


  • The preorder date has now shifted to the 28th Nov as well, so delayed again

  • oui je confirme jai recut le message le dix novembre il dise le 28/11/2023

  • Jakub LabaJakub Laba Member
    edited November 2023

    Hallo, Bestellung ab 29. Oktober 2023. Ursprüngliches Verfügbarkeitsdatum vom 7. November, geändert auf 14. November, jetzt 28. November. Ich habe CS DD bestellt, weil ich dachte, dass ich es schnell verwenden würde. Es wird sich bald herausstellen, dass die Premiere auf DD+ sein wird und DD immer noch nicht verfügbar ist ;/

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