the worst decision ive made this year

hi there, i felt after the past bit i should share my story to maybe help fanatec pull there head outta a certain place. at the start of october i felt i had set aside enough cash to comfortably get a sim rig and after watching some videos and doing research i decided i didnt want to get a cheap unit i would replace after a month. i wanted something solid that would be closer to the mid range category then the beginner one, so i wouldnt outgrow it or have to worry about bad customer service or it not working so i ordered in the csl 8nm dd bundle. well was i ever wrong, within 2hrs of receiving it i realized they sent me a faulty unit, unless there supposed to overheat and flash blue and yellow lights. so i used the main selling factor for me and messaged fanatec to try to get them to warranty this. that was almost 2 weeks ago and i havent heard a thing back. i didnt expect them to respond instantly but i just spent over 1k cad on there product and i havent even gotten a reply. i am more then dissapointed in fanatec and if i wouldve known this is what i was paying a hefty amount of money for i wouldve paid to go on a vacation or put that into rent, but no i got a broken wheel and a company that doesnt care a single bit about paying customers who wouldve 100% ordered more products from them if they didnt get treated like litteral garbage. if your on this forum to see if fanatec is a good company, its not. i wish it was, they seem to be the most active in the racing community which is perfect for this company. issue is they seem to care more about that then there customers. if someone from fanatec is here i want yall to know that what is happening to me and the literal hundreds of other people ive heard of this happening to, is more then wrong and puts a disgusting image on your company. i hope yall make some changes and actually learn to work with your customers instead of making them wish they used any other company


  • i'm fully agreed with you !!!

  • update, they still havent sent out a replacement and have continued to ignore emails and waste my time. i sent a request just asking for a refund and they ignored it completely. this company makes me sick and what there doing is criminal. if anyone is going to order from them use paypal so u can cancel the payment if they try to pull this bs with you

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