Formula V2.5 Wheel

I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this issue with the Formula V2.5 wheel.

The left paddle has developed a loud clicking noise when used. I know that obviously when you pull the paddle it presses a switch and that’s what is making the loud click. But it’s considerably louder than the right paddle and wasn’t this loud when I first got it (Only had it a month).

The left paddle has also stopped making that ‘thud’ noise they make when using the paddles but I presume this is wear on the rubber stoppers?

I also feel like I have less resistance in the magnets on the left side than I do the right side, but I’m not sure if this is subconscious because of the loud clicking I can hear.

Ive checked as much as I can without taking the paddle off and dismantling it but I’d suspect the switch has damaged?

Ive submitted a form through the my products page but I’m not hopeful on a response soon given their issues with customer service at the moment.


  • I would assume that the magnet on the left side has come loose, something like this has been reported a few times in Fanatec groups on Facebook, I would contact support

  • I’ve logged a ticket with them, waiting to hear back :)

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