My UK parcels were meant to arrived today but I got a repeated message on the UPS tracking that they had missed the connection due to late customs clearance.

I was contacting UPS to try and get a refund for the customs fees they charged me three times before and they mentioned that my parcels were delayed due to incomplete documentation from Fanatec.

This all comes after Fanatecs latest promise that customs issues are resolved.



  • If it helps, my order is in a similar situation, with a very similar set of updates from UPS. It is supposedly going to be delivered tomorrow, but is currently showing as being sat at Herne-Boernig since 9am yesterday, but despite that it says it missed the scheduled transport at 10:00 pm today and will be rescheduled for the next departure. Doesn’t say whether that is due to improper documentation or some other issue though.

    I also had the issue of UPS seemingly trying to charge me three times for import fees whereas the amount quoted seems like the correct amount for the whole lot. In any case, a can’t seem to pay for any of them as I keep getting a UPS payment processing error.

    So I’m currently none the wiser as to whether my items will arrive tomorrow or not (I suspect not), and what charges I will have to pay if it does.

    Neither company (Fanatec or UPS) covering themselves in glory here.

  • Also same updates from UPS, altho my chat with them this morning suggested they had no document issues and it was awaiting transport but who knows what is happening!

    Import fees paid with PayPal, no issue.

    My order was saying delivery tomorrow, but just changed to delivery next Tuesday 14th. Yet more delays. Not surprising as it was never going to make it for tomorrow given the lack of movement today.

    It's very frustrating, first time ordering from Fanatec after wanting to get back into Sim racing for sometime and it continues to be a very poor experience.

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    This is very common. 90% of orders I place get this, it just means it's going to be a day late.

    First parcels go to Hamburg then on to Herne-Boernig where customs starts to be looked at. There is often the message saying it's missed the connection... most of this is because UPS Standard is by road.

    It will then arrive at Stanford Le Hope in the UK and on from there to your local depot.

    This is a typical log (Because I have a UPS account my Customs charges are normally applied to the account so thats why they are not in the log)




    BRIDGWATER, United Kingdom06/11/2023

    10:34Out for Delivery

    Out For Delivery Today

    Exeter, United Kingdom06/11/2023


    Processing at UPS Facility

    Exeter, United Kingdom03/11/2023

    21:02On the Way

    Import Scan

    Stanford Le Hope, United Kingdom03/11/2023


    Arrived at Facility

    Stanford Le Hope, United Kingdom03/11/2023


    Departed from Facility

    Herne-Boernig, Germany02/11/2023


    Your parcel was cleared after the scheduled transport departure. We will reschedule for the next available departure.

    Herne-Boernig, Germany01/11/2023


    Arrived at Facility

    Herne-Boernig, Germany01/11/2023


    Departed from Facility

    Langenhagen, Germany01/11/2023


    Arrived at Facility

    Langenhagen, Germany31/10/2023


    Departed from Facility

    Hamburg, Germany30/10/2023


    Export Scan

    Hamburg, Germany30/10/2023


    Origin Scan

    Hamburg, Germany25/10/2023

    17:00Label Created

    Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.


  • Thanks for that, sounds like they are pretty standard UPS messages then, nothing more.

    I did just get an email rescheduling the delivery for Tuesday though, which is annoying, so something is clearly causing them delays at the moment. Hopefully they can sort out my payment issue by then at least.

    Just happy to finally have a tracking number and be able to see progress tbh, which is a step forward from the radio silence for the last few weeks.

  • So it is not fanatec who is meant to provide the customs paperwork but the warehouse?

    So if I have this right then:

    Fanatec receive the sales from customer, fanatec forward the sale to the warehouse, fanatec then mark the order as completely shipped,

    The warehouse then assigns stock to the order,

    The warehouse generates the customs paperwork and ships the goods?

    Noting that the warehouse is not fanatec but their "logistics partner".

  • Mine was meant to be delivered yesterday (09/11/23) but on the 8th and the 9th I had this:

    Your parcel was cleared after the scheduled transport departure. We will reschedule for the next available departure.

    Now changed to 'The delivery date will be provided as soon as possible.'

    Im expecting the same message today, just a feeling, Paid Import charges on the 8th.

  • I placed my order on 24/10 I was then emailed on 03/11 saying that I should have a tracking number by email or text on the 6th but I have still have nothing how long did it take for you guys to receive your tracking info ?

  • I had to log into Fanatec web site and find the tracking number myself, it appears on the 'Orders' page when you expand the 'View'

    Had no emails from UPS or Fanatec to say tracking number was avaliable.

  • Check UPS with your reference number / postcode, normally this shows up before the tracking in your account. As Tony says this normally appears on the order a day or so after. You need to fully expand out the view and it's in the bottom left.

    Ordering on 24th, if not already, I'd expect it to be soon. Most of the orders talked about in this thread will have been placed a week or so earlier than yours.

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    Fanatec are responsible for delivering my product under contract, I don't have a contract with UPS or GROUP7 AG.

    My parcels have departed Herne-Boernig this morning so hopefully in the direction of the UK. Probably going to be more than a day late now since they aren't in the UK yet and the delivery date is back to pending.

    One of the duplicate charges was removed from my credit card this morning and hopefully the other duplicate charge will drop off my other credit card soon.

  • I have also just had 'Departed from Facility' (Herne-Boernig) appear on my tracking, No estimated date yet, but at least its progress after 3 days at Herne-Boernig

  • I don't see any reference number on my account only the order number

  • Your order number can be used as the reference number for a reference number and post code search on UPS.

    Post code with no space when on the UPS site.

    You don't get full tracking info,but enough to know of something is happening.

  • Hmm, mine has now made its way from Herne Boernig to Frankfurt! anyone else had this route to the UK?

  • I have bought quite a few things from Germany, and I have never seen that. Herne to Stanford UK is what I normally see. As Simon shared earlier in the thread. Of course that doesn't mean its not right.

  • Mine's the same mate. UPS said it's on the way but no 100 % sure if they know what they're talking about as yesterday as per the original post they had concerns over documentation.

  • Thank you I have now found out through your help that my items are on the way but are supposed to be delivered this Monday I don't know how because I haven't paid any customs charge I have emailed UPS to see if I can get any more info

  • They will probably contact you tomorrow for the customs fees. Mine was originally due Thursday and they contacted me for fees on Wednesday I think.

  • I have pretty much the same condition. Ordered my kit on 21st Oct. I have have zero communications from Fanatec, apart from on the 21st, saying "thanks for your money".

    My order is all over Germany as you can see:

    Looking at these locations mentioned in the random tracking info from UPS, you can see it is on a tour of Germany, sometimes traveling in space and time:

    The last update on the tracking is 11/11/23 at 1:11am (Saturday), and nothing since. I assume nothing happens on a Sunday, and Monday morning is just that little bit too tough to get going...

    Its ok though as:

    Fun and games

  • I have identical tracking to you, must have left the warehouse in the same shipment, last entry on mine was the same, Left Frankfurt 11/11/2023.01:11

    Nothing since! Beyond a joke!

  • For Monday giggles:

    Source: About us | Fanatec

  • Put my order in on the 1st November, Now currently 13th November with no movement. It would be quicker for me to drive to Germany to pick this up. Its just embarrassing!

  • I`m getting exactly the same tracking information, left Frankfurt at 01:11 on Saturday and nothing since. I have already raised a complaint with UPS because they told me it was out for delivery in the UK on Thursday and Friday but no one from UPS seems to be able to tell me what is going on 🤦‍♂️

  • I had a notification (well not a notification but the tracking site informed me) that it was due to arrive Thursday 9th too.

    Last updated 9.21am EST (2.21pm GMT).

    Regarding embarrassing these two should hang their heads in collective shame. Not least for the suit choices 🤣

  • I have just spoken to UPS again, they have said that they cannot provide any further information and its up to Fanatec to contact UPS in Germany to find out what is happening, I have emailed Fanatec with this information but I expect i`ll just get a copy and paste response in a week or 2. I tried pushing for more information and they did admit that its not uncommon for overseas parcels to have a gap of a few days on scans when they are going through customs, if I hear back from either company i`ll keep you updated

  • Bloody hell, Tracking just changed to this:

    Hope for us yet!

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    Just to confirm my last scan was also departing Frankfurt on 11/11/2023 at 01:11 and heard nothing since.

    Edit: Just after I posted this I noticed my items have arrived at Stanford Le Hope (UK) at 18:14 today.

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