Do NOT order Fanatec

The most ugly expirience that you can have. No, seriously. If you are new to the simracing - run away from Fanatec.

Long story short - I ordered my first simracing gear ever at 11.Oct. It got delivered at 18.Oct. CSL DD wheel base burned after ~2 hours of usage. After that, I had a wonderful journey to this forum reading all the complains about burned fanatec WB (there are a lot of them from this autumn, assuming that it is a fabric defect for the whole batch of products).

It took 5(!) full days for support to register RMA and at 23.October WB was sent back to fanatec (endor AG) by STANDARD POST WITH TRACKING NUMBER! It means that Fanatec has an opportunity to solve all defected/delayed parcels, but they just don't care.

At 2.Nov fanatec informed me about a new order (and delay up to 5 business days) Which is a LIE! Why should I care about their "due to a transition to a new logistics partner" if they can send me a NEW WB instead of DEFECTED by STANDARD POST service, again with a tracking number, not UPS.

So, due today, after a month from my first fanatec order i have:

a) no tracking number

b) no WB, only pedals and wheel.

So please don't ruin your experience and just order somewhere else.

P.S. Does anyone know how can I remove fanatec commercials from games like ACC? Mb third party mods or smth. I don't wanna to see anything anyhow releated to that company.


  • Ana BorasAna Boras Member
    edited November 2023

    upd. Yesterday I tried to get UPS tracking number from UPS support and they replied me this morning with "Despite trying to retrieve information using the reference number (1781961) you provided, no relevant details were found". Meaning - fanatec still didn't sent me a new WB after first defected one. Shame.

  • I just got my DD pro with 8nm boost today, and after about 30 minutes of use it started smoking and burning also :(

    Looking online it seems a few people are having this issue. I guess I'll have to RMA. Was looking forward to a nice weekend of racing, but I guess not.

  • Lol, I just posted in here that I was going to search for Failtec sign removal mods for ACC and any other sim, but all I have found is your post.

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