QR 2 availability date keeps moving!

Why do my ordered QR2's keep getting pushed back?

The date when i ordered them was 17/10 and it got pushed back now 3 times out to the 24/11!

Why have a date of availability and just keep moving it! All your doing is annoying your customers. Not even a word in communication to tell me.

Very disappointed with this order.


  • It's now December 22nd! Obviously the QR2 Pro wheel-side is available at an extra 100 but nobody should be forced to pay that just to use a QR1 wheel before Christmas.

  • I ordered a CS DD with 3 QR2's Oct. 17th. Order status has remained 'in progress' for 2 weeks now with no cancellation button and no further information. I'm in Canada and having doubts this order will even be delivered this year based on the failures I've been seeing on this site and the frequent moving target availability dates that seem to change weekly.

    Better communication would be greatly appreciated especially since money has already been taken. Fanatec, please update your paid customers and have some accountability for your failures. The excuse "supply chain issues", if that's the reason for this latest delay, doesn't excuse you from poor customer service communication.

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