Suggestions for V3 Pedals upgrades

Hello @MauriceBöschen

I am a huge fan of the V3 vibration rumbles, as I think it truly helps for the immersion. There are a lot of upgrades in the aftermarket, which means that there is a need for that – and therefore a market.

I recently tested Simagic’s Haptic Pedals Reactor, which was to me a real game changer. You don’t have this “fake” feeling of a brake pedal simply vibrating, but a real feeling of the pedal being pushed back as the ABS kicks in. It is truly impressive.

Couldn’t it be a plug and play upgrade to your V3 pedals? The V3 would be even better if Fanatec produced such an accessory.


  • While installing the PBK and a damper kit on the throttle of the v3's the vibration motors both had the wires pull out making them inoperative. TBH I don't even miss them.

    Just watched a video on those Simagic add ons by Race Beyond Matter and when it comes and if this guy says its a game changer. I believe it.

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