Something positive

I think Fanatec is slowly getting the problems under control. I also waited a long time for the QR2. But I was aware of that. Now I placed an order on Tuesday and everything was delivered yesterday.

I'm not always happy with what fanatec does either. But shit happens, I'm on team fanatec! There are problems with other companies too. This is not an excuse and I understand that many are impatient.

I just wanted to get rid of all the negative vibes here. I think fanatec is working hard to solve the problems.

Have a nice weekend everyone 🙂


PS: I was not forced to write this 😉


  • It is genuinely great that orders are being received, it gives some hope. But also highlights a bigger issue.

    Why should people be reviving orders within a week of ordering when some of us have been wait well over a month, without our orders even being fully dispatched.

    Should fanatic not maybe prioritise the oldest orders first? It must be total chaos at Fanatec HQ.

  • Ana BorasAna Boras Member
    edited November 2023

    It was the same with our first order, shipment was quite fast, BUT - the wheelbase is from obviously broken batch and burned within first 2h of use... after that we only have A LIE that replacement is sent on 2nd of November through UPS, but no tracking number and UPS is not even aware of the package.

    P.S. also not forced to write this but will continue to warn people about this awful and overall, highly shameful customer experience. ☺️

  • I can add my voice to the chorus of unhappy customers.

    I ordered (no. 1736297) a bundle on September 1st. Most parts were received within 2-3 weeks which is reasonable. I am in BC Canada.

    What follows next is not only frustrating but also unprofessional.

    On the 12th of September I reached out to fanatec about my missing QR piece.

    On September 26th, I get a response acknowledging the mistake as being caused by a website glitch.

    I send several more emails asking for a tracking number. As to no avail.

    Meanwhile, all of my equipment is just sitting in the basement collecting dust.

    On November 4th I bite the bullet and order a metal QR in the hopes that it's in stock and ready to be shipped out as part of another order.

    On Nov 6th, after several more requests for status updates, I get an email from customer support re-acknwledging my missing part from the original order and asking if I still want my QR.

    I say no, another QR wouldn't do me any good. I asked about the possibility of being reimbursed for the extra shipping cost that I've had to incur, having had to place another order.

    It is November 12th and I still haven't received a response. Also, it's been 5 business days since my second order and it still hasn't left the warehouse.

    2 1/2 months and $1,200USD plus hundreds of dollars of customs fees later, I am none the wiser.

    If only I could turn back time. I could have spent the last couple of months having a blast on a superior Moza set.

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