CSL DD possible bug - please somebody check on your side

Hello I have two rims and both behave the same: when I press and hold blue-up, can see it also activates L3 - on off/ 1Hz. But just blue-up single press sometimes activates L3, sometimes not, but clearly during hold can see somethings wrong.

Can you check on your side?


  • That is a known issue of the most recent firmware included in driver 452.

    If you dont have a BMR it wopuld be best to uninstall 452, install 451 again and then downgrade the Base Firmware manually through the Firmware Manager until driver 453 will fix that issue.

  • If 452 is only needed for the BMR, wouldn't it be best to post 452 (not 453) in the Drivers section, and direct the few BMR owners to the location of the newer driver?

  • What does this mean? It's not an official release - it's a release candidate - i.e. a final test release prior to official. Whether it should have made it that far given it was know buggy is another story!

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    Every driver published on www.fanatec.com/driver is an "official" release - so 452 is official.

  • No - posting a driver on a particular page does not change that driver's status. It should now be accepted that this iteration is not ready for release as it breaks things!

    It's an awkward assertion to make in any case. Introducing new bugs into the pre-release development stream is one thing - the only people who are affected are those who choose to test on Fanatec's behalf.

    Deliberately introducing new bugs into the official release is unacceptable as it means you are affecting the entire user base. That is exactly what you are arguing that Fanatec have chosen to do. Not a good look.

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    By official definition and standards by Fanatec: it does.

    As said, once a driver is posted on the official driver website, the driver automatically gets the status to be fully "official".

    What we explicitly did not do with this release though is to trigger the automatic update notification so not "the entire user base" gets notified about this release but only the ones actively looking on the official driver website and / or the forum.

    And yes, I agree that it is not a good look to have such substantial issues in an official release and we are all very unhappy about this and very sorry. The next official driver should address the new known issues and then we will also trigger the update notification again.

  • I think we both accept that Fanatec need to improve. Adopting established Software Release Life Cycle Management would be a start - instead of Fanatec inventing their own illogical mess and breaking things. It's not that hard!

    Maybe pass this link on to your project manager - https://release.com/blog/a-managers-guide-to-release-cycles

  • Strange thing I moved to 452 because for some reason in 451 in Win10 22H2 "CSW 2.5" compatibility mode didnt work at all, on both DD PRO and DD. Still it didnt work after upgrade 451>452 in Win10.

    I tried on Win11 and both 451 and 452 and compatibility mode works, so was that another bug ?

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