How to connect a McLaren GT3 (QR1 Lite Wheel-Side) to the coming DD+?

I tried looking it up, in the forums as well, but couldn't find what I'm looking for. So, what do I need if I want to use a McLaren GT3 V2 wheel (equipped with a QR1 Lite Wheel-Side) on the Clubsport DD+ base using its full 15 Nm of torque?


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    You need the QR2 or QR2 Pro Wheel-Side Adapter for the Wheel.

    Or the upcoming QR1 Type-F Base-Side Adapter for the Base and then a Metal QR1 to enable High Torque.

  • If you stay with QR1 you also need to replace the QR1 lite with a Metal QR1 on the steering wheel. So if you want to stay with QR1 you need to change both the base and the wheel. If you update only the base with the QR1 Type-F it will stay in low torque mode with a QR1 lite.

    But if it's your only wheel a QR2 for your steering wheel is the way to go.

  • Thanks a lot, guys! So, getting a QR2 will do the trick, high torque and all, right? Cause that's what I thought anyways, but it doesn't clearly say so anywhere in the product descriptions, which got me wondering.

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