after swearing in 7 languages to receive the products, the nightmare is not over yet!!! not being able to register the products in my personal area of the site, I sent a message to customer service to understand how to register the products as it was impossible to do so. I was only able to register 1 out of 4. therefore 1 product was registered and the other 3 were not. after requesting a response 4 times and still not having received any response, this morning I entered my personal area and to my considerable amazement I discovered all the details of my order had disappeared and my products had also disappeared. THERE IS NOTHING ANYMORE!!!

and the only product I had managed to register also disappeared.

so from their site it appears that I don't have any products.

I need to register for the warranty.

this morning I postponed yet another request for explanations, but I have little faith that these incompetents will answer me!!!

However, if by any chance I have future problems with the guarantees, I swear that I will personally go to Germany to cause a disaster!!!!!!


  • Yes, Ive sent them about 24 mails and got 2 default answers with no real intent to solve the issue.

    I solved it myself by filing a customer complaint with paypal. Paypal got my money back for me............

    Never again anything from Fanatec.

  • But....

    You must be imagining the lack of response surely....

  • Receipt of payment for item in most cases is sufficient to make a warranty claim. Registration is typically to notify customers of recalls and marketing purposes.

    When I bought my previous setup I entered my products and then sometime after all the same products I had purchased showed as duplicates with serial numbers attached. I think it may be Fanatec's slow process of updating order placed vs items shipped. Perhaps additional patience is required.

  • I have never registered anything on the Fanatec website, my products were registered automatically, without doing anything.

    I have been a Fanatec customer for 2 years, therefore well outside this difficult moment, yet I immediately understood that Fanatec is like quicksand. The less you move, the better.

  • Ya, mines were added automatically as well.

    There is alot of problems in their side (I talk in my behalf, two times RTS), but sending 1000+ emails to them doesn't help at all

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