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Just been notified by email that my order I placed over a month ago is going to be replaced by a new order so effectively I’ve been given a new order number and will receive a new tracking number when it is dispatched.

I’ve also been told my new order will be shipped in a few days.

now, what are peoples experiences with this? Am I really to believe my new order will be shipped in a few days or should I prepare myself for another long wait?


  • I had a new order created on my account after the first one was returned to sender. The new order was created on the 20th of October, received a UPS tracking number on the 3rd of November but it has since been stuck on Shipment ready for UPS/Label created since then, with no response from Fanatec as to whether they've actually shipped yet.

    I'm UK based and have seen that other people in the UK have been receiving their orders fairly quickly but it seems like its still a lottery whether your order gets properly dispatched.

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    I had same issue.

    But Fanatec did not create new order for me. They created new invoice (under orders click invoices). Also under my products i see first ordered products and new ones. So double products :)

    Check UPS site tracking by refernce number. You can find Order number from Fanatec invoice.

    So for me they created this new invoice on 10.11 and will be delivered to me 17.11

  • I'd prepare for the very long wait if I were you. My 'replacement' order finally appeared on October 20th, a tracking code wasn't created til the 6th November, it's now the 15th and it still just says 'Label Created'.

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    8th November they created a new order for me. 9th was created the label and shipped.

    On the 10th was returned AGAIN to sender, 4 of 5. So, just received one of them on 14th.

    Based in Portugal

  • yeah i'm prepared to wait, that doesn't bother me so much. what is really annoying is having to check every day to see if there has been an update, would rather be told its going to be delivred on X date so i can just forget about it.

    Also think its kinda crappy that a delayed item (well over a month now) isn't put on express delivery. I can see that standard UPS shipping has been arranged, you'd think they would want to make ammends for their delays but guess that would end up costing them money so they see no value in going down that route.

  • Update from me. Positive news, UPS say I should expect a delivery on Wednesday next week.

    this is after Fanatec emailed me saying they saw my post on the forums so they’ve escalated my case with customer support team to rectify straight away.

    very nice and reassuring to receive an email like that, fingers crossed there are no export issues and it arrives in a timely fashion.

    feeling a bit more confident about placing my Black Friday order now.

  • What I notice is that they can track people problems in here instead the email. Imagine the backlog.

    Probably need to create a topic as well xD

  • Package has passed customs so should be a straight forward delivery now. Wednesday delivery is on schedule. Feeling like I’ll place another order on Friday now….fingers crossed for a cheap Black Friday boost kit and handbrake deal.

  • Items delivered so couldn't be happier - once i finish work i'll be setting up my new wheel, QR2, shifter and table clamp.

    Can't wait to play WRC. Took just over 5 weeks to get my package...whoop whoop

  • I have anither new replacement order. Let's see if I receive it this time.

    Liam, good to know you're sorted. At least good news and less backlog. Enjoy your gear

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