QR2 without pin assembly

Has anyone ever tried using a QR2 without using the whole pin shaft assembly going throught the QR ? (using a tiny SRM emulator to get FFB)

I'm wondering if it may feel looser since there is less contact points...


  • I am not certain (I do not have the SRM item), but I would think the "missing" pins are the ones that would otherwise be used for the buttons, shifters, etc. Only the pins needed for the FF are used, so it should feel the same. I have a spare QR2 that is/was waiting on a new Hub so I can use my Sparco P310 Open. I have a spare QR2 that I was going to use on a 3rd wheel and did not want to spend another £100 on another, so was waiting on the QR1 which was sold out. I was thinking of getting the SRM emulator until the QR1 came back in stock. In the end I did not need it as I got a date for when the QR1 was shipping so was able to complete my order.

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    Good question, as I want to have a plain Rim for Rally no buttons on my New DD wheel base (when I get it !!)

    what is it that I need for this to work (PC) ... NEW to Fanatec

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