Fanatec UK Delivery Experience

Hi All,

For anyone ordering from the UK I will post updates on my delivery experience here, so you know what to expect.

I was pretty worried about the delivery delays after I ordered a DD 5nm wheel bundle but so far, I think it's going decently. I ordered the bundle on 9 Nov 2023 at 10:15 and looked on my orders in my account today and I have received a tracking number 16/11/2023 the status on UPS is "Label Created" so potentially being dispatched today. Without counting weekends, it has been 5/6 days since my order which if I remember correctly then this is what I was told when ordering, they said between 3-5 days to be shipped. Fingers crossed and I'm looking forward to using the wheel.


  • i wouldn't hold out too much hope, been told the same thing myself - for your own sanity expect to wait for at least a month but be pleasantly surprised if it come earlier.

  • Haha not to worry my expectation is December at least, just posting to keep everyone up to date with UK delivery delays. I've heard some people that ordered when the delivery times were rough have still had issues, but new orders seem to have more luck. Definitely a lottery ordering from Fanatec but the value for the bundle is just unbeatable.

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    I placed an order with Fanatec on 4 Nov (wheel only), and it is being delivered to me today, as on UPS tracking it is out for delivery.

    So looks like Fanatec is hopefully now sorted and back on track.


  • I think I was extremely lucky given the horror stories on this forum.

    Placed an order on the night of November 1 (so we'll be fair and say it was Nov 2). Order was trackable on UPS site by reference number on November 9. Full tracking number appeared on Fanatec order page on Nov 10. Then it sailed through the UPS network and was delivered the morning of Nov 14.

    One gripe was that Fanatec didn't put the Company Name on the address label. Luckily the UPS driver was on the ball and gave me a phone call to confirm where he should be going.

  • Yeah sadly mine's been on 'Label Created' since the 6th, doesn't really mean much - though I hope you're not waiting that long.

    This is for a replacement order too, the original took 8 days to switch from Label Created to On the Way, but that one got returned due to lacko f paperwork.

  • Glad to hear you got yours. Did you receive an email regarding the UK VAT when the package arrived in the UK?

  • Damn man that really sucks. I'm guessing it got turned away at customs? I'm just praying as it seems it's all we can do at this point lol

  • Nope - the only email I ever received about this order was the order confirmation when I first placed it. I had to keep an eye on the UPS tracking page and saw one morning that it was waiting for it to be paid. This was while the package was still in Germany at UPS's Herne-Boernig facility.

  • Finaly, I've received my delivery after so long! Since, 7th September I have been waiting for the CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2. I wouldn't order again from Fanantec, I'd rather order from China. It was the lack communication skills or no communication skills, what so ever. That's what's put me off from ordering again. I hope you all can your order's ASAP! It's Not a nice feeling!

  • My order was actually shipped from fanatec within a week (UK) but I'll still probably never order from them again unless I can choose someone other than UPS.

    Yesterday: Out for delivery between 4-6pm... Never showed

    Today: Out for delivery between 7:50-9:50... claims delivery at 12:18 (nobody knocked, no missed your delivery note)

    Wont be delivered until Monday at best now meaning I have to change my plans for 3 workdays in a row...

    UPS is honestly worse than Evri in this country which is saying a lot...

  • Yeah I'm praying they aren't arses when it comes to posting to me in a small village and definitely possible they wont even attempt because of the state of parking around here but I can only hope lol

  • Just an update for everyone, my friend ordered a day after I did and his UPS tracking has already moved on from label created and he has been provided a delivery date, meanwhile mine is still on label created. I think I lost the so called delivery lottery with this company lol absolutely embarrassing.

  • Hey Ben,

    Has yours progressed past label created yet? It looks like Fanatec haven't released it from their warehouse which is crazy because a friend of mine ordered a day after mine and his is due for delivery on the 23rd! Shocking processes they have at fanatec

  • Nope.

    I chased it with them after 11 days (last Thursday) and they replied (quickly, to be fair) saying that it 'was help up in customs'. Obviously this was bullshit cos it still said 'Label Created' but I called UPS to confirm just in case - and no, they did not have the shipment and it was not 'held up in customs' - just like I was told that my last replacement order was held up in customs, even though it wasn't.

    I woke up this morning to a third replacement order on my account for the ready2race items I ordered in August, and an email from them saying:

    "Hi Ben - The estimated shipping date of your new order no. 1802967 is the 27.11.2023 (pre-order date of the "CSL Elite Steering Wheel McLaren GT3 V2"). Your Fanatec account will be updated regularly to show your UPS shipment number and pre-order date(s)."

    So yeah apparently it's now a pre-order lol. Totally glossed over the customs part.

    I sincerely hope this is the final straight now though, and I can see that it is 'Express' delivery this time - not holding my breath though, almost looking forward to seeing what goes wrong next.

  • Here's the headlines from my order so far.

  • Thanks for sending this through although after reading I wish you didn't lol. This has absolutely crushed any hope I had for receiving the wheel. What email are you sending to as today I've just spammed the shit out of all the inboxes. e-support, some sales one and like 3 online requests forms completed.

    I just can't believe my friend ordered a day after and it has already left the warehouse and is due for delivery on Thursday

  • I originally used the online contact form, then started just replying to any replies I got. Reply waiting times have been mixed and unpredictable - some taking up 2 3 weeks for a response, some never being responded to at all, and some in as little as a few hours.

    I've had the most success recently replying to emails sent from webshop@ but that may be because my case was 'escalated'

  • Order placed on the 21/10/23. I knew at the point of order that the wheel wouldn't be available until 12/11/23. The order status has been "completely shipped" since then. Check the UPS tracking number daily; it still shows sat in the Fanatec factory awaiting collection. Email sent twice to them regarding this. Generic response back. I am still waiting for someone from their CS support team to come back to me. Looks like I might just get it in time for my birthday next month! 🤬

  • Update: This replacement order just went to 'Completely Shipped' despite the fact it was supposed to be held til the 27th due to it being a 'pre-order'. I'm not sure what the significance of this is and if it's a good or a bad sign. It could be leaving early, or this could be the start of it getting lost in the ether again.

  • These guys are hilarious. Terrible response times on emails but will respond to a twitter post in less than an hour.

  • Hi Guys,

    My package finally cleared customs. Still haven't been asked to pay yet so not 100% sure if it will be shipped. I'm not sure if it helped but on Friday I requested that my order be cancelled and refunded as I ordered the MOZA R5 from Overclockers as the delivery was much better so now I have both lol. I think I will keep the fanatec because of the upgrade path but just super annoying that my package finally ships after I ask for a cancellation and refund.

  • Hi guys, unfortunately I have ordered some stuff from Fanatec before I read those comments and issues. Can anyone help me with info I need and what should I do to complete the custom clearance. I am not sure if it is going to be something hard to deal with. Please if anyone knows what to do and let me know I would appreciate it. Many thanks.

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