Important info: Black Friday

Don’t make the mistake I did, I just had to cancel an order as I didn’t know there would be different deals every day from today to the 24th

i saw todays deals and saw that the handbrake wasn’t discounted so I placed an order.

didn’t realise there will be new deals every day so now I’ll wait to see if they put it on as a Black Friday deal


  • For a company struggling to handle all service tickets, it might be wise to avoid generating more tickets.

    This black Friday setup is likely not helping.

    I ordered the pedals Black friday deal, but if a good steering wheel deal is added. I will cancel and re-order to save on shipping cost.

  • Yeah I’m likely going to wait till 24th to place an order so I don’t have to pay double shipping if something comes available that I want. Ideally I want the handbrake.

    I agree

    kinda annoyed too as I ordered the shifter well over a month ago and it arrives on Wednesday but I’ve just seen it go on sale for a big discount.

  • Reject the delivery and order it again. It's what she would do.

  • Was considering that but the shifter is now sold out so I’ve instead emailed fanatec to see if they will discount my shifter as a goodwill gesture because it’s taken so long to arrive

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