black friday

I find that this choice to sell the dd2 for 799 euros is a highly unfair maneuver towards old customers who paid full price for it at 1499 euros, especially to those like me who bought it less than a year ago and have not the possibility of having the hub updated for free, given that it is now included free of charge in the podiums on sale. I think that after so many years of fanatec the time has come to leave.


  • Common Lozano we all know that USUALLY around the end of November there are most likely going to be Black Friday deals. Your choice in buying a wheel base early is not going to be considered in when a company should put something on sale. Yes, it might seem unfair but its perfectly ethical and okay that the company did this. You my friend should not feel offended. I think maybe next time have a little patience and get something cheaper to hold you over till Black Friday/ After Christmas season.

  • I don't expect anything, just more consideration for those who paid full price. Don't pay full price for hub upgrades and quick releases having recently spent a lot of money. simply for the most loyal customers, special treatment, to the extent possible, no one wants to give anything away. and yes, I am a valued customer because you can say that I have purchased almost the entire Fanatec line up, excluding the BMW steering wheel.

  • When you purchased your product, it was the best on the market. Nowadays, after the release of CS DD people are expecting another version of Podium soon. It has certainly lost a lot of its appeal.

    You used your DD2 for a year, you could have waited until black friday 2023 to save money and use a joypad for a year. In fact, you should have waited for Black Friday 2024 to get the new CS DD at a discount. But I think you waiting for black friday 2025 where maybe you could get one of the new Podium DDs, or 2026 or 2027, because surely, by waiting, there could be a better offer. And when the best offer arrives, who can assure you that there won't be an even better one in the future?

    It's a complaint from you that doesn't make any sense.

  • it makes sense instead, and you're not involved in it, that's why you're talking. simply releasing the new hub would be enough for those who have recently purchased, so as to encourage them to switch to the new quick releases. However, I have no intention of making the change now. in fact, I had ordered the new hub with 7 quick releases, 7, but I canceled because I felt cheated when I saw that the new hub is offered for free to new buyers, this is not fair.

  • I purchased an SQ Shifter and received it just under a month ago. Now, during this Black Friday it will cost 1/3 less and includes a USB adapter. I don't regret it at all, and I don't feel cheated. I'm using the shifter every day with EA WRC, while if I bought it now, perhaps, I would receive it at Christmas. Whoever waited and resisted the temptation to immediately buy a new toy, he was right and lucky. But he had to wait, which I'm not capable of doing.

    You could have waited for black friday, and continued playing with your previous equipment, the choice was yours. Black Friday comes every year, it's no secret.

    I probably won't buy Fanatec again because of the terrible customer service, but certainly not because someone else received a discount and not me. It seems like childish reasoning to me.

  • it's clear that you don't want to understand what I mean and I'm not going to go on further, think what you want. Providing the new hub to those who have recently spent a lot of money was an unnecessary but correct gesture towards those who have always been at fanatec, as well as encouraging them to spend more money to update the steering wheels. Rather than complaining about the excessive discount, I'm complaining about the fact that those who buy now have the new hub and the old one, while those who bought recently still have to pay. the damage beyond insult.

  • There is a extraordinary market situation. Fanatec is a bit in defense, because they have no new wheels in the 300 to 500 euro range. All the wheels are based on designs more than 5 years ago. So it´s no wonder that they use black friday to hold at least their customers.

    the strange thing is that I´m not interested on the DD2 even for 800 bucks. It´s much to heavy and i think the technology is a bit outdated against the newer bases. Then i would need a new rig to use 25Nm. i prever the CS DD, when it´s a couple of months on the market. As long i´m still happy with my CS v2.5. I hope more for CS Wheel Bundle for xbox.

    Interesting to see what moza have to offer on black friday

  • no one is forcing you to update to the qr2. Unless you intend to buy a new wheel in the future, and it only comes with the qr2 wheelside, then maybe i can slightly see your point.

    You bought a product a while ago. Youve used it for a while. You cant complain when, as you say, "less than a year later" the company reduces the price, and puts on a special deal. This is life.

    If i bought a new laptop, I cant complain that a year later the same laptop now has a better graphics card in it.

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