ClubSport pedals V3


Kann man bei der ClubSport pedals V3 der Bremspedal nach links einstellen??

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    The footplate is adjustable left to right, the whole assembly would need to have the spacers modified to move the entire pedal assembly.

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    Wie kann ich's modifizieren?Was brauche ich?

    Sind die Metall Platen dabei?

  • Looking at the holes on these plates you may adjust up and down as well as side to side. The optional D plates only adjust up and down. There is also adjustment for tilt angle. Center line hole to hole looks to be just under 20mm (25/32"). Both sets of plates are included.

    My rig was one of the first commercially available rigs and there is a vertical support that is right between your legs so the footplate adjustments just weren't enough. I eventually came to the realization I had no intention of using the clutch so I removed it entirely by buying some PEX pipe from the hardware store and made new spacers (red). Just word of caution, and Fanatec warns as much when installing damper or BPK, the vibration motor wires are extremely delicate and can be easily pinched and damaged.

    The Black Friday deal includes the BPK and a damper kit and is a great deal. I highly recommend it.

    Hope all this helped.

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    Sie haben mir sehr geholfen.Habe das Black friday Bundel gerade bestellt :-)

  • Gern geschehen :)

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