hello dear Fanatec,

I received my order, order number:1773022, in Friday afternoon, i was recording my unboxing for Youtube chanell and after i opened everything and started putin pieces together i realize that im missing Boost kit, that mean complete boostkit box so i dont have any kid of electricity plug cable.

I cant believe that this is happening in 2023, how u dont have working Hotline and some service that is instant available to your customers that spend big amount of money on something that u cant even ship properly . I need to say that I'm really,really disappointed in Fanatec from this point.

I have recorded original proof from first time unboxing that boost kit box is missing and i can upload it to you. 

I hope u will take tis mail as soon as possible and send me the pieces im missing so i can actualy test the product that i preordered, payed and i cant do nothing with him...

best regards

Matija Topolovec 



  • Good luck on that. I still waiting for my DSL DD 8Nm. I bought a bundle and the DD was missing. No tracking order and has been a month now.

    They get very quickly your money and put as "fully dispatched" without checking really if all the packages are on the shipment.

    I'm looking to return everything and going to other supplier.

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