Post here when you receive your tracking number for your CS DD



  • reçu l'étiquette il ai en route depuis hier ya écrit livraison mardi 28 11 2023

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    Im getting annoyed, I have my tracking number which i got from checking my order on the 24th. however when tracking it just says 'label created' meaning it has not been collected from the warehouse yet.

    To add fuel the my already raging fire, the serial numbers have been automatically added to all the products in the 'my products' section for everything other than the CS DD and the QR2's and my warranty has started from the 21st November.

    How can the warranty have started and be a week into it already if its still sitting at the freaking warehouse.

    Order placed 18th Oct, UK based.

  • I've got my tracking number of CS DD + QR2 on orders page.

    At the moment, UPS website didnt find a spedition (destination Italy).

    In the meantime I had ordered a DD2 for my friend in Denmark thanks to Black Friday. It arrived today.

  • I don't have a tracking number as well, but 3 hours ago i received an SMS from UPS that my Order will be delivered tomorrow.

    In my fanatec account no tracking number is shown but if i search on the UPS tracking Page with my fanatec order number as Referenz number and my postal code i can find the two packages.

    I've ordered CS DD + QR2 on 10/14/23 from southwest germany.

    So keep calm (i know, it's hard), but it seems that things are moving.

  • CS DD + QR2 are in transit. Lets go.

  • So, it's done!

    today UPS has delivered my CS DD and the QR2.

    One day later than scheduled, but who care's the only thing that matters, my CS DD is here :)

  • Thank you for the update. You are now excused from the forums and instructed to enjoy your new gear. 😀

  • 🤣 yeah, thats the plan but at first i have to doughter to bed. Family comes first 😊

    Crossing fingers for all of you still waiting that your Stuff arrives quiet quick!

  • I got the trucking number of my order (1788314) on the 22/11/2023, on the UPS site is written that Shipper created a label, UPS has not received the package yet.

    No updates since that


  • Update (Based in Italy):

    My CS DD is in Italy, probably delivery tomorrow. But the spedition with the QR2 is "delay" on UPS website, still in Germany. Hope it comes in the next few days too. 🤣

  • Got my tracking on the 22nd and order marked as completely shipped. Don't know where it is as ups tracking shows stuck on label created

  • Arrivé hier

  • DD arrived. QR2 nope (probably monday).

  • QR2 arrived. Thanks Fanatec!

  • David DeGreefDavid DeGreef Member
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    USA - Got my tracking number today, here is the summary of events.

    Order - CS DD, Formula eSports V.2, QR2-WS

    Order Placed - Oct 21

    In Progress - Nov 10

    Order in Process - Nov. 29

    Completely Shipped / Handover to Warehouse - Nov. 30

    Tracking Number Provided - Dec 19

    Expected Delivery - Dec 26

    My gear is finally on it's way and I am happy that this part of the experience is coming to an end.

    Good luck to all in getting your gear ASAP

    Happy Holidays

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