Podium DD1 cogging issue

Good afternoon

I know this issue has already been discussed here, but I haven't found a solution for it. My base every time I turn it on to play gets these jerks when I turn the steering wheel. I restart the base and it's normal, but after playing for a while I get those bumps again. Does anyone know what it could be? Some say it's normal, but I didn't feel any of this when I had the CLS DD PRO. (I leave a video to confirm what I say)



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    That is absolutely NOT normal at all!

    It is a hardware issue of the base.

    You can not fix it on your own. You need to contact the support to get the base exchanged.

    By now the support must be aware of the issue as it happens to quite a lot of people unfortunately.

  • I can't request support, the FANATEC website won't let me register my base...

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