CSL Load Cell Kit don't work.

Hi, yesterday I updated my DD PRO 8nm to have the latest firmware installed and play mainly GT7 on PS5, after which I connected the CSL Load Cell Kit to the PC to update the firmware manually. Halfway through the update the installation gave an error and the installation crashed. I reconnect everything but the pedal no longer shows signs of life, connected to the PC the pedal is no longer recognized. If I connect the two classic pedals everything works perfectly.

I believe that the firmware of the CSL Load Cell Kit pedal has become corrupt and therefore unusable. I would like to ask you if there is a procedure to reset the pedal's firmware or if there is a way to recognize the pedal by connecting it to the PC and then carry out a new firmware installation. Or if you necessarily need to open a support ticket.

Please help me.


  • Im not 100% sure if we have the same problem, but I realized there was a driver that gets turned off during this update for some reason, to fix this do the following:

    • Hit the Windows button and search device manager.
    • Expand the "Human Interface Devices" Tab.
    • Near the bottom of the tab, there should be a list of devices labeled "USB Input Device", one of these devices will be disabled. You will be able to tell which is disabled by looking at the icon, the disabled driver will have an arrow overlayed on the icon.
    • Right click on the disabled device driver, click enable, and the pedals should be working, do mind that you may have to restart your pc after enabling the driver to see any effects.

    I hope this helps you out, im not sure if we have the exact same problem bc i only use my wheel on pc but it sounds similar enough

    Note: also make sure you re-updated your pc's wheel driver to version 454 if you downgraded in an attempt to fix the problem

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