UPDATE: The first batch of Clubsport DDs is getting shipped!

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🚚📦📦 You can access the updated tracking information in your customer account via a desktop browser on your PC or via the activated "desktop site" on your smartphone. The tracking information is not displayed if you are using the mobile view. Please note that if you ordered the CS DD together with another product that was not in stock at the time, we’ll start shipping your order as soon as all items are in stock. 



  • I have yet to hear any Australian getting a shipping notification. Does this apply to your Australian customers?

    My order had an availability date of 7 November and I never received an email notifying me of any delay.

    The store page shows it as ready to ship, but my orders page remains unchanged.

    Some transparency for your Australian customers would be very much appreciated.

    Thank you.

  • Any news on the Button Module Rally?

  • Do we have to wait for the second wave If there is no ups number shown at the Order status?

  • I'm in the US and in pretty much the same boat, besides a single email which said the order was delayed to NOV 14th and nothing since then.

  • I ordered my CS DD Oct 17. Availability date of Nov7. Then delayed to Nov 14. Nov 14 came and nothing happened. We are 3 weeks from original availability date now, Fanatec has my money, i do not have an invoice, I have no email, I have no tracking and my order shows in progress. Reaching out to support via email and the response is that it may take 3-4 weeks for a reply. This is ridiculous. At a bare minimum, there should be an update available. 3-4 week customer support is ridiculous. Maybe charge your customers only when product is shipped like other retailers.

  • Hi,

    I bought a ClubSport DD + QR2 on October 29th, 2023. Unfortunately, a CS DD without QR2 is pointless. Question: Is Fanatec logistics smart enough to reserve individual items of an order so that I don't have to wait until Jan 17, 2024 for my CS DD order until the QR2 is available again. And then the CS DD is not available and the game starts over.

    (sorry Google translated)


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    Seeing how we're not getting any kind of email updates on our orders, posting on the forums and <hoping> to get anyone at Fanatec to actually take notice is a bit wishful thinking, but here's hoping.

    I'm in the same boat with my order of a CS DD with 3 QR2's back on Oct.17th. Order status has remained 'in progress' for 2 weeks now with no cancellation button and no further information. With the latest QR2 availability date now Dec. 15, I'm having doubts this order will even be delivered to me in Canada this year based on the failures I've been seeing on this site and the frequent moving target availability dates that seem to change weekly.

    Better communication would be greatly appreciated especially since money has already been taken. Fanatec please do yourselves a favour, and update your paid customers and take accountability for your failures. The excuse "supply chain issues", if that's the reason for this latest delay, doesn't excuse you from poor customer service communication.

  • I also ordered CSDD and QR2 at the same time on October 16th in Japan and am waiting.

    I hope that the people who ordered first will ship the items in the correct order so that they don't lose out.

  • I ordered the CSL DD ready2race WRC bundle on the 16th of November and I'm based in the UK. When is a realistic time I could expect my order?

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  • mobile phone browser may not always show the tracking number

  • If you ordered everything together, everything will arrive together. Only those who have booked the QR2 now will have to wait until January, I booked it at the beginning of the week, I should receive it in mid December.

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    Hey Charlie, since our last update on the warehouse situation (16 November) and thanks to improvements with third country shipments, our turnaround time for processing orders within the EU currently is at 1-3 business days, outside the EU it is currently at 3-5 days. So, your delivery should start within this time frame. Please make sure that you access the order and tracking information in your customer account via a desktop browser on your PC or via the activated "desktop site" on your smartphone. The tracking information is not displayed if you are using the mobile view. If you would order now, there may be a delay of a few days due to the rush during Black Friday Week.

  • Have Clubsport DD's left for shipping already? Mine has entered processing Tuesday but haven't gotten anything from UPS.

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    Same for me. No UPS information can be found...

  • James, are you going to show your Australian customers some courtesy and provide us with an update?

    I have not received a single email, not even to inform me of a delay. My order has always said 7 November is the availability date for the CS DD.

    Some communication would be appreciated. Especially in circumstances where I have sent an email exactly 1 month ago with no response, posted here with no response, posted in the community support blogpost with no response, and sent a message to your official twitter with no response.

    A response would be great!

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    Can you update your paid customers who have been left in the dark as to when they can expect their orders please? "In Progress" tells me nothing other than the fact my $$$$ is gone.

  • I ordered the CS DD and QR2 on 1 November. Had an email from Fanatec three days ago that it was being readied for shipping and today it appeared on the UPS Android app on my mobile. I expect I'll get the first UPS email tomorrow. It all seems to be working fine for me as indeed all my past orders from Fanatec have done.

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    What country are you in Evert? I'm in Canada and ordered through the US site Oct.17. I have not received any emails other than the one stating the Nov.28th delay.

  • Ordered on Oct 15th, still says in progress no shipping info even on desktop. Order 1767765. USA customer, when is the expected ship date?

  • Did/do you see the tracking number in the orders page also? I‘m waiting for my oreder too but I still cannot see a tracking number. Also didn‘t receive rhe promised email but did get an email from fanatec also on tuesday that it will be shipped somm. So similar to your case.

  • Curious... where are you guys located getting emails saying orders have been shipped or will be shipped soon? The only email I received thus far was from Nov.6 stating the <initial> delay of Nov.14th. The Nov.28th date <I previously mentioned> I only found through a posting on these forums. I'm guessing the North American customers are still left in the dark?

  • I got an email from fanatec that my DD order has been processed and will be shipped within the next days. In the meanwhile the status of the order my be wrong ("completely shipped") but gets corrected as soon as UPS collects the order from the warehouse. At this time a tracking number would be displayed and I would get notified by UPS (email).

    But this is now four days ago and I didn't receive an UPS mail and also the tracking number is not displayed in the order. I had a problem a few weeks ago with my QR2 order where the status was the same but the packages have simply been layed before my house front door without any notice/tracking number. I guess that FANATEC have not solved their delivery problems and it could behave the same way with both of my orders.

  • japan still not ship!! i order them in 13 oct,and! You also don't sent me delay notice。 other three regions begin to ship ,but no Japan!!!!why you take my money for more than one month dely!!!!!

    also japen csdd+ still not begin to sell, if you can do it,just tell us

  • I'm in the UK. There is a tracking number on my UPS app but not yet on the Fanatec website. According to the UPS app the label has been created but they are waiting for the item. It is Saturday now so it may be Monday before the next change.

  • Order from 17/10 (belgium), last email was 21/11 saying that my order is processed. Fanatec page shows fully shipped, no tracking number displayed also nothing in my ups app.

  • The 28th date is gonna be accurate after all. Zero CS DD users this week.

  • you order is in process status, it means most likely that japan warehouse don't have yet the CS DD

  • Please does someone know the tracking number where to look for it, I don't know if it will arrive tomorrow or next week, it just says completely shipped

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