CSL pedals &LCK not working since driver update 454



  • Can confirm this, really dont know why this happens. But everybody try this. The disabled device should look like this in Device Manager

  • You sir are a genius. I've been without pedals for more than 2 weeks, I thought I'd tried everything.


  • Hello, I wanted to inform you that despite the poor and absent communication with the assistance, the Load Cell pedal has been returned and is functional. It has not been replaced but has been fixed. I waited between confirmation of service, shipping and redelivery a month. Be careful when you send the products to service because I shipped my pedal with the original box together with all its parts and I was delivered the box cut clean with the cutter and with the top torn. Shipped and packed with the original box in perfect condition and returned ruined and cut. Service workers are animals who don't care about customers' products.

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